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3 Story Box Fort Prison Escape | 24 Hour Box Fort In The Woods 📦 - At Ai-Tube.com

3 Story BOX FORT PRISON Escape 24 Hour Box Fort In The Woods 📦 7 days ago   12:49

Papa Jake
3 Story BOX FORT PRISON Escape Room 24 Hour Challenge. just like in our detention escape room jake needs to escape prison and defeat the baron. Todays video papa jake and logan spend the night in a box fort hotel. This hotel had a ton of cool toys We geared up and chose our favorite toys like fortnite and build them into the fort with a gaming station using an xbox one and a beyblade stadium section. We also had a bunch of cool toys to help us out when playing. This box fort challenge was really hard but we had allot of fun turning our fort into an awesome smallest box fort for this 24 hour challenge! Subscribe to Papa Jake for more PG kid friendly & Family friendly video's with no swears! 😁✌🏻
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Papa Jake
Hey guys sorry, we've been gone the past week me and logan have had the FLU! :( Be sure to smack that LIKE button to help us out and comment below what video should be next? Super Heros Box Fort Or Zombies??? 😁✌🏻
Lucien Patiniotis
Lucien Patiniotis
Alexis Rogers
Do you still play GTA V
Bence playz Roblox
7:42 he smashes one control box open and simply opens the other
Brian Moody
Hi do you now chad and vy they don’t trust you because they think you have put the pond monster in the shards house and I’m sorry about that I think they are still stuck in a car you have to save them now
Black man-ther. How did you not see what's wrong with that.
Gbemisola Basirat
Love u jake
Tomika Atkinson
I searched up papa jake box forts I love you papa jake
Tomika Atkinson
The type of videos I watch
33R meddling

They spelled previously wrong

English please
Asma H
animal jam increda heroes
Its a box.. U can punch it down..
Rafael YT

Kirsten Hartley
You and Logan as so cool love your video so cool
Colin Pham
I like berren
Lupe Lopez
Zombies plz. Love your vids
scp kids
tweenbratz x
Your great at yt. I bet it cost at lot of money for all the cardboard.
Everything You like
Great video papa jake
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24 Hour Box Fort In The Woods 📦 3 Story BOX FORT PRISON Escape 7 days ago   15:51

24 Hour Box fort survival challenge in the woods Dollar store survival challenge part 1! In this video we build the ultimate biggest box fort and survive in it for 24 hours. We tried to survive in the woods with only dollar store items in this funny box fort challenge vlog exploring the woods at night. We had to build a box fort and survive 24 hours with some water and food but the catch was we could only bring $40 of dollar store items. We bring a bunch of fun toys and other survival gadgets. Night time got scary as during our sleep over we heard wolves and something making noise in the woods outside our #boxfort. We thought it might be the rake or an animal. Thank you for watching my trending PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018

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