Gordon Brown candid on Blair, Tony Blair on Corbyn and the lessons 1 day ago   09:40

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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown turns on Tony Blair and reveals what he has in common with Theresa May in this candid interview with Sky's Dermot Murnaghan.

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"such a bigoted woman"
Discovering Parallel
Brown says judge him on what he did. He left the UK bust, he funded a few Wars with Taxpayers money, he left us with more than ten years of austerity all for personal advancement by having a deal from Blair that was to be installed as PM without a General Election.
Roshan Jameer
Why not say it is Christian terrarisam western countries are terrorist countries but blame on world Muslims but given name islamic terrarism but Indian unknown Muslims were suffer lot now a days.
He was the last great statesman we had as Prime Minister, Cameron and May were awful Prime Ministers and put themselves and their Party before the country. Brown put the country first Sadly none of May's replacement look any better.
max's interlude
Brown was a genius a great thinker and even now he writes and has handed us the answer to brexit on a silver platter - citizen's assembly. but he never looked like a leader and the shame is Britain now values people who look 'fit to govern' rather than people with the brains and innovation to govern - people like JC
Omer Shomrat
Looking at comments made online, it seems like the majority of Labour supporters despise Tony Blair. Now, that's rather interesting, given that in the last 40 years (since 1979) the Labour party won the elections only 3 times: in the first win, it was led by Tony Blair; in the second win, however... It was led by Tony Blair. The third and last win was very different though, because during those elections, the head of the Labour party was... Tony Blair.
Other than selling our gold, he was actually a great chancellor... One of the best I'd argue
Centrist Philosopher
I think, had Gordon Brown been a PM before 1960 he would have lasted longer. Unfortunately he had the bad luck to be the incumbent in an era where style mattered over substance. The Media treated him disgracefully.
Centrist Philosopher
7:51 Typical Sky News and Dermot Murnahan
Centrist Philosopher
Brown will never go down as a great Premier, but I think history will treat him kindly. Somewhat like Jimmy Carter
Centrist Philosopher
I like Gordon Brown. Good Man.
caroline braniffmatthews
Absolutely right - the main worries are those of globalization; too much power to big tech companies, and of course our politicians acting as puppets to the tech companies.
JC is no Gordon Brown -
I think Gordon Brown should have stayed longer as the PM....
Rob Haughian
Why does he gasp for breath after every sentence
My own political view are fare closer to Rees-Mogg than to Gordon Brown - BUT it's impossible to dislike this man. I like him very much - honest, straightforward, smart, warm. I hope he is prosperous, content and happy all his remaining years. He had a hugely successful political career -
Robert Barrass
Preferred him to Blair but not rock n roll enough for"new labor".Could have been a great Prime minister if allowed to govern earlier. Stitched up by the evil one!
martyn fenton
What did he say as chancellor - "no more boom or bust" 😃more manufacturering jobs lost under blair than thatcher. One good point his prevention of UK adoption of the euro. His low caught saying "that bigoted woman"
Luke Chandra
Never a frown with this guy
Luke Chandra
Never a frown with this guy
Henry Discipline
Balir is a Boose, Corbyn is a Boose.
Ser An
Tony actually says... LIES!
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Tony Blair on Corbyn and the lessons Gordon Brown candid on Blair, 1 day ago   26:06

Newsnight's editor Ian Katz speaks to former Prime Minister Tony Blair about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the future of the Labour party and the lessons of the 2017 general election.

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