Gatwick drone chaos was planned, Strategist: The stock market will 5 months ago   02:40

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Brian Burridge, chief executive of the Royal Aeronautical Society, discusses the chaos caused by drones flying over London’s Gatwick Airport.

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Amanda A
Our government being so secretive doesn't help us at all. We know this wasn't what they told us. It was released today that 19 major terrorist plots in the UK were intercepted. This was one of them. Definitely.
Douthinkesawus TV
Aledged, use the word aledged drone. No proof!!
m s
Someone put a video up from Gatwick on the one off the roof. And what was seen was a UFO. They kept this on the low to not freak people out
Fantastic Felix Films
@Kevin Parker why would you care thicko why don't you do some research mate. Lol get a life 👍👍👍👍
Wayne Gittins
No drone still no arrests
It was ufo’s
Bright sky
This was a UFO don't listen to the government this guy talking a lot of bull. The UFO was 3miles long government went to meet them. 4 slin'der crafts appear to meet these so called government people.
John Donegan
It was a UFO. Hidden from the public. Fake news. Not a drone at all. Armed police all over the runway and they could not catch or find any drone. 4 UFO,s over the airport this was covered up in case of mass panic. You won't be able to hide this much longer. They will come heavy next time and will likely attack.
sid ney
Sounds like a big scam to get airports to buy equipment .....
it was a UFO
Harold Humphrey
Staff at Gatwick had a planned walk out that day (protest), so instead of having to fork out to put all Gatwick customers in accommodation etc.. they just made up some bullshit story such as a drone flying around to avoid having to pay compensate to all those customers. Saved the airport millions.

Con by Drone Shield.
Police chief statement "Mr York revealed two drones found by police near the airport had now been ruled out of causing the chaos, which saw flights cancelled or diverted.
Despite searches of 26 potential sites, he said: "I don't think we have found the drone responsible."
However, he said he was "absolutely certain that there was a drone flying throughout the period that the airport was closed".

Now folks we all know that while airport was closed high grade military and police equipment & expertise (isis busting type) was on site. So where is footage or why its not been netted if police chief says with certainty drone was flying throughout time airport was closed.??, unless the 36hr flights referred to is those of police own drones. Public cannot differentiate so why is there no public footage even that of police drones.
The fiasco and farce it rapidly becoming a world joke
Was it perhaps a massive distraction. What else was taking place at that time??
Fake News, show us a bloody incontrovertible piece of footage of anything at Gatwick!
Zach Hofmann
Ya'll dumb 😂
David Hunter
What a load of bolloks! Where is the evidence of a drone! Over a million mobile phones in London all fitted with cameras and not one feckin photo! Lies lies lies!
Rafal Otreba
Guys, you can sell this rubish at Sunday dinner party. You better to find a good excuse why this has happend.
Dave Day
He doesn't say anything of the kind.
Clearly a cover up, no truth in the news, no news in the truth 😎
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Strategist: The stock market will Gatwick drone chaos was planned, 5 months ago   06:58

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