Emergency Landing Gatwick Airport, This Plane Was About to Crash. 1 day ago   03:27

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 comes into land at Gatwick airport, with the wing undercarriage stuck up and a hydraulic fault.

Latest Gossip.

1: The undercarriage hydraulic ram was fitted upside down causing the fault.
2: The pilot is called Dave William.
3: The daughter of the pilot was onboard.
4: Pilot bounced the aircraft to drop the undercarriage.
5: The WLG door snagged on one of the undercarriage wheels.
6: Nine Tyre safety fuses blew on landing.
7: The passengers weren't allowed to use the toilets for 3hrs, while the pilot carried out maneuvers to dislodge the undercarriage.

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Was thinking one side wasn't level to the other side while on the ground but then read the description and see why it looked like that now
Philippe Lefever
Only one Word... Perfect !
Ben Jared
Joe sitter sure designed a good plane
i was the co-pilot of this plane😎
In Vision Future
Awesome pilot
daniel boxall
like I with Bluetooth the person talking to pilot can see the landing gear flaps be for it comes in to land
James Fureyster
Great pilot skills!!
Oh Yes! She Still Flies! (I Was On Her Today! MCO-MAN!)
one Foood
Andy Richards
Nice bit of flying there... Takes some skill to keep the nose and wing up that long
The Elevator and Airplane finder
2:25 Geez. That’s a lot of vehicles! But why
Julia S
Well done by the pilots
snoopy123 321
Where's the best place to stand and watch as my kids love it, keeps them entertained watching planes come and go.. been luton and Stansted, thanks :)
Mahammad Khan
Hard landing...
niroshan jude
I also fly 747...still i didnt face this
t pilots with planes that fly themselves these days are only needed for Take off and landing and im very happy they are there, fantastic landing by that pilot
Pretty hard landing a bumpy one too
Paul Carter
Bravo Captain, and crew...
QFS Aviation
William Johnson's Videos
Well done to that pilot and co pilot even tho that was a pilot landing they still helped a each other and well done to the cabin crew for keeping the passengers calm
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This Plane Was About to Crash. Emergency Landing Gatwick Airport, 1 day ago   13:05

Find out what caused the crash of this American Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Aircraft.

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