Alexandria - Egypt - Mediterranean The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR 3 months ago   10:35

Ahmed Moheb
Driving Tour on the streets of #Alexandria #Egypt at the #Mediterranean ... Music of :
1- Yiruma - Indigo
2- Brian Crain - Blue Sky Rainbow
3- Brian Crain - Song For Sienna

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Asma Kamal
مطمع. الغزاه. والجريك. والارمن. ماريا. وترابها. زعفران
petter robin vorn
Yes, I visited Alexandria a year 2009 In fact it is not beautiful especially between the suburbs there is dirt and collar worn and dirty homes with respect to the Egyptian people I'm sorry it is a city not worth visiting a lot of chaos
Hamdy Zahran
الاسكندريه روح مصر
Khadija alves
Que lindo apaixonada por Egito .
Khadija alves
Apaixonada por Egito lindo Alexandria mar mediterraneo
Ruzzel Rhyzel
So nice view wth nice music 😘😘
Hope to visit this place
Egypt ❤
khaled Alotaibi
مصر فيها سحر
رغم البساطة

و مش كل واحد يكتشف هذا السحر .. و تندمج في نفسه الصور الجميلة او حتى الكئيبة التي تلتقطها عينيه و هو يتجول في شوارعها .. تتغير الناس و يبقى هذا السحر الاصيل باقي و يستقبل كل من يأتيها

كثيرة هي زياراتها لمصر
و في كل مرة .. أراها بشكل مختلف
من هنا من الكويت نقولها بقلب محب
حفظ الله مصر و شعبها من كل شر
Candy05 Crushx
nice new friend....see y 💃🙏👌😊🌞
صباح الخير يا اسكندريه
Yousef Shaalan
ودمنهور وطنطا أحلى من الاسكندريه
Yousef Shaalan
المنصورة أحلى من الاسكندريه في كل حاجة
Eric lopez vega
I want married with nour
Belinda Carina Boco
سماح على
للاسف اللى بيصور طول الوقت بيصور جانب واحد من الطريق الجانب اليمين بس ، مع انه لو صور الطريق باكمله كان الفيديو هيكون اجمل من كده
margo della fargo
this city has and has always had a Mediteranean feel about it.....
hanaa hanaa
I love the background music so soothing and it has taken me to Alexandria I felt like I’m in the car and I’m going around the place 😌
مطبخ إيمى روما
الله وأكبر عليكي يا بلدي الاسكندرية عشقي
مطبخ إيمى روما
فين المكان ده
ashraf halim
انا من القاهره ولكني اعشق الاسكندريه و البحر و المقاهي و الاماكن القديمه و الشعبيه بجنون
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The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR Alexandria - Egypt - Mediterranean 3 months ago   41:23

Join us on the ultimate Jerusalem food tour!
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Also, thanks to Rafram:

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There are few cities in the world that can compare to Jerusalem in terms of ancient history and religious significance. It’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and it’s a city that I’ve wanted to visit my entire life. Finally, along with my friend David ( and Rafram, we explored Jerusalem to discover the food treasures the city has to offer - and let me tell you, you’ll find some incredibly delicious food in Jerusalem!

We started off the Jerusalem food tour by first walking around East Jerusalem and starting with the best plate of hummus I’ve ever had. We then toured around Old Jerusalem, and enjoyed some incredible Palestinian food kebabs cooked by an incredible man who cooked with serious love and passion. Another highlight in Jerusalem was the mutabak, a thin pastry stuffed with cheese and baked.

After eating our way through Old Jerusalem, we then headed into West Jerusalem and went to lunch at an Israeli Jewish restaurant serving a mix of amazing dishes. The food was home-cooked in style, and absolutely sensation. A few more snacks and sightseeing throughout the afternoon, and that brought us all the way to dinner where David had made reservations to eat at one of the hottest restaurants in Jerusalem, Machneyuda Restaurant. It was quite an experience, and an amazing meal and lively atmosphere to wrap up this ultimate Jerusalem food tour.

Here’s all the food and places included in this Palestinian food and Israeli food tour of Jerusalem:

Hummus Acramawi
Price - 20 ILS ($5.57) per plate

Almond juice - 3.90 ILS ($1.09)

Al-shuala Grill Restaurant
Shawarma - 26 ILS ($7.26)

Al Baghdadi Kabab
Palestinian kebabs
Total price - 100 ILS ($27.89)

Zalatimo Sweets
Price - 30 ILS ($8.37) each

Peaches - 10 for 1 kg
Plums - 10 for 1 kg
Fruit - 10 ILS ($2.76) per kg.

Mahane Yehuda Market
Azura Restaurant
Total price - 400 ILS ($111.55)

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
Western Wall Tunnel
Price - 35 ILS ($9.76) per person

Dome of the Rock

Mount of Olives

Machneyuda Restaurant
Total price - 700 ILS ($195.21)

It was a lot of food in a single day, but it was one of the greatest food and learning days that I’ve ever had in my life. The generosity of the people we connected with, paired with the food, was truly a memorable experience in Jerusalem.

Thank you again to David ( and Rafram for showing me some of the best food in Jerusalem!


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