Fun at New Parliament House, Capital of Australia Frederik & Mary Offcial Visit 1 day ago   06:44

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Fun tour of New Parliament House. The meeting place of Australian Parliament. Art exhibitions, historical artefacts, House of Representatives, and Senate chambers. Canberra City, the capital of Australia. Vlog 60.

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garnett faulkner
well b she sure has the figure to model victoria secret, nice vid, you must be due to go back overseas again? i miss them vids
SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, your girlfriend?
Hey B, Can I ask you about the Cell phone coverage at Phillippines? who is their coverage? and how much is it? What is the best way to get a cellphone coverage etc... thank you.
Steven Szabo
Marry her yesterday. ;-)
Corey Kasem's Top 40
thanks Brendan! Sorry to be off topic, but I was wondering if you still hear from Seth and if he's doing well. thanks.
Banner Traveller
Off top but what ever happened to Sez and Lyn. His channel just went dead.
Dude she’s hotter than any pinay you’ve had on your channel. You 2 would make a great couple. Hope to see more of her.
T&A Travel Vlogs
Nice Vlog... Looks like you guys had a fun day. :)
Charles Griffith
DAmm what nice lookin gal matey..😉😆
ricky usa
Your jungle hat looks alot better on her!
Sir Dino
Hey B ,,,, nice cute friend to have ,,cute girl ,,, cheers Mate on the video
Not the best sign when your date calls 911 in the middle of it... she seems like a good sport!! Siya ay maganda !!!
Gordon French
She’s pretty cool. I hope you can visit Indonesia and do some Vlogs in the future there 😉
Chase Top secret
Nice work man, she is cute I hope you gave her the full tour.
Oleg Tsverkalyuk
Where is she from in Indonesia?
Joel Fernandez
Awesome and thanks for sharing. Very nice historical place to visit someday.
random videosHideousTuber
i love you very very much dear brenden newbies here i always support you muahh..
She has an unusually large dark eyes. She's pretty. Romance in the air? :D
J. B. Arches
At least you should have narration while inside the building to understand those on display. Say hi 👋 to your visiting Indonesian friend.
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Frederik & Mary Offcial Visit Fun at New Parliament House, Capital of Australia 1 day ago   18:28

20-26 November 2011 / Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary Official Visit to Australia. (News from Australian TV)