Chagrin Falls Ivex Dam demolition.wmv The dam breaks Through! 2 days ago   01:01

ben himes
The IVEX, formerly Chase Bag, papermill dam is breached during the second phase of a staged lowering to improve water quality on the Chagrin River in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

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Josh lower
Would have been a better artillery target
Syd G
We used to microwave! Now we just eat nuts and berries!
Jake Zalba
Damn, just got recommended this and I'm from Chagrin! I wonder if that's why it got recommended or if it was just a coincidence.
Make the video smaller!
Stan Williams
That was a brave track hoe operator
brad jacobs
Really who gives a fuck..
I live der
Babar Ali
Dam banao molakh bacho Pakistan Zindabad plz
"much to the Chagrin of....
Bob Sheck
Can they call it "Chagrin Falls" anymore?
Danny Coe
Run Track Hoe Run !!!!!
Veritas Vincit
Dangerous and foolhardy way to remove that dam for the excavator operator.
James Carter
We need MORE hydroelectric, not less. The effects of burning coal, oil, and gas for outweigh the effect on fish that will die out when the planet goes to hell.
''Bombs Gone''
That could have gone so bad for the excavator operator. Lucky 
Saad Umer
That reinforced concrete is putty compared to the steel balls of that hammer operator.
Why not just ride the heavy machinery out there and run C-4 all along the wall and blow it at the base? Yeah, it would be a huge wave, but would calm down quite immediately...
Glad to see the dam go.
Thanks for posting! I graduated from high school in Chagrin and used to walk over the bridge next to this every day. Haven't been back in a few years now. I had no idea this happened until I saw this here.
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The dam breaks Through! Chagrin Falls Ivex Dam demolition.wmv 2 days ago   05:54

My brother's dam project sees a bitter end.