Trump welcomes NASCAR Cup Series MAIN RACE - MONZA - Blancpain 2 days ago   39:12

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U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano to The White House on April 30.

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Great event thanks to our President for doing such a great job.
Bread and circus....
Way to go Joey!!!!!
ed young
respect for reaching out to the culturally deprived. GBA~
Tanya B
The President enters at 18:00 in. Stop wasting our time.
kali koka
22 is masonic gematria symobolsm for "people-power". Do it magikal Potus. Q
jessica rivera
This administration is so evil,I bet they see a poor homeless person there,they will grab him by his pants,thru the poor man in the trash,his secret service.
jessica rivera
I'm the big shot orange dictator,people have to wait for me,KINGTROLL 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄💩💩💩😂😂😂😂☠
James Hobson
Now, just what is a homeless person supposed to do with a turkey? To really be their hero, give them the receipt that goes along with it. At least that way, they can turn it in for a fifth of liquor. I guess it beats getting served up a couple of McChickens.
Guadalupe Toledo
Trump is evil try to invede Venezuela. Don't care about people die
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MAIN RACE - MONZA - Blancpain Trump welcomes NASCAR Cup Series 2 days ago   4:08:19

The 2019 season will see SRO Motorsports Group unite the sprint-format championships formerly known as the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup, Blancpain GT Series Asia and Pirelli World Challenge GT to form a new global initiative: the Blancpain GT World Challenge.
This exciting international endeavour will present GT3 manufacturers, partners and teams with the chance to compete in worldwide customer racing and measure the success of their achievements on a truly global scale.
Each series will retain its present status as an individual championship and will be known as Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe, Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia and Blancpain GT World Challenge America.
Drawing inspiration from the concept successfully pioneered in the Intercontinental GT Challenge, where manufacturers compete through local teams, each GT3 manufacturer will be able to establish a line-up of 12 drivers who will score points for their brand in the overall Blancpain GT World Challenge.
They will be split across the three continental sprint series, with four competing in the GT World Challenge Europe, four in the GT World Challenge America and four in the GT World Challenge Asia.
To fully integrate all classes of driver, each group must include a star (classified as Platinum); a good professional (classified Gold); an up-and-coming driver or a very experienced non-professional (classified Silver); and a Gentleman driver or former star (classified Bronze).
With major manufacturers striving to demonstrate their excellence in the competitive arena of international customer racing, the new Blancpain GT World Challenge will take on-track competition to a new level in 2019 and beyond.