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Biography of Achilles as portrayed in Janell Rhiannon's epic series the Homeric Chronicles.

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I am Achilles, the Golden Warrior. Son of Peleus, King of Phthia and Thetis, the nymph beloved of Zeus. From boyhood I have trained to be a warrior and a king. So, when my mother hid me away for years on the island of Skyros, I was angry. Only after I had grown did she finally reveal why. The Fates had granted me a choice...a long life ruling after my father, my deeds fading into obscurity, or a short life, dying gloriously in battle, my deeds to be sung for ages to come. I chose war. With my father’s blessing I took the Myrmidons and a fleet of swift ships to join the fat king, Agamemnon, at Aulis.

That was nine years ago. Now, we are mired in fucking siege against the Trojans and their allies. We raze city after city to the ground, resupplying our armies and gathering war prizes. The army has taken to calling me the Sacker of Cities. I have lost count of the men I have killed, the slaves I have sold...and the women I have taken.

As for Agamemnon, I have come to despise him more than the Trojans...what have they ever do to me? But Agamemnon... that pompous fool pushes too far... someday; by the balls of Zeus, I will slit his fat neck myself.

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Reigning King of Magadha, and was obliged to go into exile. During his banishment he had the good fortune to see Alexander, and is said to have expressed the opinion that the Macedonian king, if he had advanced, would have made an easy conquest of the great kingdom on the Ganges, by reason of the extreme unpopularity of the reigning monarch. Mahapadma Nanda was reputed to be the son of a barber, who had secured the affections of the late queen. The guilty pair had then murdered the king, whose throne was seized by the barber-paramour. His son, the now reigning monarch, was avaricious and profligate, and naturally possessed few friends.
Chandragupta, having collected, during his exile, a formidable force of the warlike and predatory clans on the north-western frontier, attacked the Macedonian garrisons immediately after Alexander’s death, and conquered the Panjab. He then turned his victorious arms against his enemy, the King of Magadha, and, taking advantage of that monarch’s unpopularity, dethroned and slew him, utterly exterminating every member of his family. His adviser in this revolution was a subtle Brahman named Chanakya, by whose aid he succeeded in seizing the vacant throne. But the people did not gain much by the change of masters, because Chandragupta, “after his victory, forfeited by his tyranny all title to the name of liberator, oppressing with servitude the very people whom he had emancipated from foreign thraldom.” He inherited from his Nanda predecessor a huge army, which he increased until it numbered
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