HITTING The MAX Card Limit On UNO MINI LADD DOESN'T KNOW 5 months ago   25:44

Mini Ladd
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Mini Ladd
This video got to #1 on Trending. Thank you everyone for the support
Juho Kleemola
4:40 when gordon ramsay is trying to have babies but it is not working
doggo pond
69 at 4:23
the white wolf
4:19 - 4:42 nice
Merlin 1
4:35 Isn't that just lube?
Y’all buy condoms? Thats wild haha
At 4:20 you have 69 cards
Julius Collier
Proud part of the nine year old army
you can use this glitch to get unlimited +4's
Mini ladd just plays +4 then keeps stacking on n on just to screw some1 over aswell
Fuller Jewson
4:22 He has 69 cards
John Fussell
When i play uno
S4m D0seS0mething
When i die i want it to smell like toasted marshmellows and maple syrup
Retardedly Rekt
imagine they threw just 1 +4 card so it could just duplicate into +4s
Play more with Chilled, I miss you guys together :(.
Saifaldeen Hussein
Crinie The Hybrid
Did ya’ll get banned off of uno or wat? But this video was hilarious! Very good very very good
xXWh1tE nuTsXx
Bboy- Chang
13:19 666!
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MINI LADD DOESN'T KNOW HITTING The MAX Card Limit On UNO 5 months ago   15:15

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