What’s With All These Racists Bill Cosby's Mistrial and the Fame-to-Blame 2 days ago   05:42

The Jim Jefferies Show
Jim takes a look at the rash of white people calling the cops on black people for just living their lives.

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A segment I like to call kick that bitch in the cunt...
Gwen Lee
sorry african americans for suck rudeness. totally uncalled for and that woman needs to be slapped silly by another white neighbor!!!!!! change takes way too long
Craigs architecture and video
Jim Jeffries the tool of Comedy Central.
Rudy Rajab
White women are worst of them all. Don't let that polite voice and fake tears fool you. White women are the most racist and venomous of them all.
And this is how these folks are making America great again, what a joke
chris Carey
Shall we give you the benefit of the doubt for lying and editing videos of people you interview to make them look racist to fit your agenda. Your a disgusting person. This guy should not be allowed to work in the media.
Get outta here!
He always seems to come off as not funny and then he'll somehow recover and make me laugh.
jesus christ.
stella ormes
Jim is such a hypocrite. Before he got this job he was as racist and right wing as any of these people he'a talking about here.
stella ormes
You big hypocrite Jim, you were right wing and racist until you got a big job on comedy central.
The best video I saw of you was when you get punched when you insulted a woman and crawled away like a craven coward. The video is still on You Tube if anyone wants a good laugh.
Saint Jude
Jim you used to be my second favorite cunt after bill burr.Now your just a sell out wanker to the left prick.
Dick Jokes And Bondo
People like this are just as bad as Jussie Smollett. Unfortunately their acting skills were far superior.
Steve Jovan
When blacks stop committing crimes a 10/20 and 50 times their population you will see a decline in blacks being reported to the police.
Those two blacks in Starbucks were not buying anything just using the restrooms and waiting around. Imagine you were a business owner what would you do considering the crime stats in the US.
Jim Jefferies in an idiot. We're a country of 320 million people, who only report videos when it's a black and a white person. So it appears to someone with a very narrow mind that there's this "epidemic" of racist white people calling cops on black people.
Still making jokes about dead muslims whilst of camera jimmy boy ?
Oi Aussie splooge rag,,,,you doctored any more interviews lately ?. Theres a certain aussie looking for an apology you fucktard
Fiery Stag
Wow Jimbo! Good job on putting all these racists on blast! When is your behind the scenes interview with Avi Yemini coming out?
Justen Smith
So you are only allowed to suspect people of crimes if they are white? Yeah...Because this won't be abused.

Simple fact is certain crimes are more likely to be black people and some more likely white people.if a robbery as reported you would keep your eyes open for people who are trying to avoid eyecontact or not be remembered...

She's American so no doubt was a bit racist but the fact is the FBI use profilers because it's real and it works...you don't see white people crying that we are profiled as paedophiles and serial killers....because most paedos and serials are white men...
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Bill Cosby's Mistrial and the Fame-to-Blame What’s With All These Racists 2 days ago   07:40

Bill Cosby escapes prosecution in his sexual assault trial, prompting Jim to examine how fame often insulates celebrities from accountability.

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