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00:03 Shazam!
02:07 Dark Phoenix
04:40 Hellboy
05:10 Good Omens
07:36 Dumbo
08:50 Brightburn
11:25 Tolkien

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00:03 Shazam!
02:07 Dark Phoenix
04:40 Hellboy
05:10 Good Omens
07:36 Dumbo
08:50 Brightburn
11:25 Tolkien
Eiby Mendoza
Esta gente tiene la intro del cumpleaños feliz jaja
david Tennant! Doctor Who 10
Javier cirera
Javier cirera
Ya quiero ver la oelicula
the auto subtitle of this video is gold
Cat Fight Central
Brightburn looks really interesting .. Anti-Superman!
karna pratap singh
AT 11:36 the caption says you invented an entire life "BITCH"
please can someone help me?:)
Before i will watch x men dark phonenix,which x men movies should i watch?? (to know up the characters)
brotherhoods channel
trending games app to win big prizes
Ivan Scott
thats nice movie im so excited to watch...but we must eat while watching please click this link
Tooo Many
The. Bald Terror
I'm quite excited for good omens because me and my mum have been listening to the audio book
Shazam! is the only one I might bother with, it looks like a decent comedy-unless they've just showed all the best moments. I'm glad they picked someone that wasn't Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller (so close, yet so far). DarkPhoenix looks disappointing, not up to the usual X-Men standards. Why is there another Hellboy rehash? Just because it's an R movie? I don't want 'mature' Hellboy scenes! At first I thought it was to be all CGI. Readers of the graphic novel will watch no doubt. The Good Omens trailer is a mess imo, but might be ok. Perhaps the book would be better going with first. Dumbo looks ok but has had poor reviews. Tim Burton has become rather boring in his output, but at least you know what you're getting. Tolkien might be worthy of a watch if you're a fan. Brightburn looks like a generic Stephen King novel. Midsommar has potential in it's weirdness but I don't think it'll be up to much :P
Apple Knock
so no wonder deadpool didn’t see the xmen that much rather than ones
Jon'Than Fenderson
Ijs wat About the black green lantern?
Sarfraz Khan
Who saw a face in the fire at 12:46
Thumbnail 7:16
jager German
That Jean Grey bullshit is just another sjw feminist work of shit betraying that women are stronger than men. I'm getting really sick of this bullshit
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NEW UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly 1 day ago   20:18


00:00 Star Wars 9 The Rise of Skywalker
02:04 The Lion King
03:53 Avengers 4 Endgame
04:20 Brightburn
04:52 X-Men Dark Phoenix
05:21 Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters
05:49 Pokemon Detective Pikachu
07:02 The Secret Life Of Pets 2
09:49 Stuber
11:45 The Addams Family
13:20 The Last Summer
15:31 Anna
17:33 The Professor