Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess James O'Brien v Jacob Rees-Mogg 2 days ago   08:12

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Newly elected Labour MP Jess Phillips travelled to Somerset with Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg. She was investigating whether a Corbyn-led party could ever win the constituency back.
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Thibault Phlipponneau
Jacob be careful, you are driving on the left !!!
At 2:58 to 3:00 he is about to kill the Audi driver. at 3:01 the collision would have occured. Watch and confirm. Since phone driving is as bad as drunk driving, is this responsible journalism?
An interview requires more concentration than a phone call. So basically Rees-Mogg is driving wankered. That poor kid of his isn't going to see 5 at this rate.
guy incognito
Absolutley, unequivocally, quintessentially british. What a lovely place.
i didn't think i could dislike jess phillips any more and then i watched this
OK,who said "If I could nationalize every single inch of this place I would"...Karl Marx or a British Labour politician? Well,it's a trick question... *THEY BOTH DID*
Dimension 9
Mogg is just on a higher level than her in every single possible way...
Stephen Moore
Toffs lefties
Notice her complete lack of people skills, empathy, sense of humor. She basically got semi aggressive with the lady who works in the NHS when she revealed her Conservative vote rather than trying to understand her view point.

Completely self centered and more focused on confirming her own identity, constantly referring to her parents or her uncle growing up in council houses. It's not about you. Actually listen to people and you might get somewhere.
David Ellis
Jess Phillips come from Wigan which is a strong Labour mining town, my dad was a very strong Labour supporter all his life but he would have been absolutely outraged by labours antics over Brexit after promising to honour that vote and then stabbing their own supporters in the back. Corbyn is the biggest back stabber of all after the way he's ranted and raved all these years over how bad the EU has been bad for the UK and now because it suits him and Labours chance of winning the next election he's done a complete turn around, does he not realise how this makes him look in the eyes of Labour followers, Jess Phillips needs to honour what was promised to her constituents and back Brexit like all the other MPs who represent leave areas or they'll be dust in their towns.
She is soooooo damn ugly, inside and out, no wonder NO ONE would...
Peter Edwards
What a coincidence Jess I hate Labour.?
Sam Armstrong
i think this women is vile!
sickto death
I wouldn't even.....bother with her!
sickto death
Was she brought up to hate men also?????
Flaming Flashback
Brought up to hate? Extremist with too much power.
jonty mason
Jess should explain why as a remain MP she is going against her constituents who voted to leave the EU ?
Alex Healy
Jess Phillips really does just come across as a thoroughly unlikable human being
Joel Taylor
I love Jacob Rees Mogg ; as posh as he is, he is actually really down to earth.
“I hope you’ve got more than 5 years of your lifetime left”

She has a real talent for alienating people. How she holds her position is beyond me.
Bobby Brown
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James O'Brien v Jacob Rees-Mogg Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess 2 days ago   22:28

James O'Brien and Jacob Rees-Mogg clashed in spectacular fashion during a very feisty interview on the UK leaving the European Union.

The pair locked horns hours before MPs voted on Theresa May's Brexit deal for the first time.

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