Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess Jacob Rees Mogg destroys 2 days ago   08:12

Channel 4 News
Newly elected Labour MP Jess Phillips travelled to Somerset with Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg. She was investigating whether a Corbyn-led party could ever win the constituency back.
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The Grim Reaper
You can tell she is full of self hate
Jarvis Morris
“I hope you’ve got more than 5 years of your lifetime left”

Was that her attempt of ‘humour’ ?
Kenny H
One big man hating Pig of a woman .
I'm American and know so little about British politics....but this woman seems dreadful. Just like some of the worst of our Democratic Party.
Hugh Jones
I love how Jacob Rees Mogg still has a nanny.
Hugh Jones
2:00 "Inheritance tax... used to be...."
Jess: "Yep. yep yep yep".
"Just wealthy people but now"
Jess: "Yep. Normal people. ME." (points to herself). amazing
Alfie Vines
Rees Mogg- an Etonian stock broker with stricked conservative morales
Philips- state educated, working class, who always preaches how liberal and open minded she is
Based on these facts you may assume that Mogg will be cold and heartless, and treat the less privileged members of his constituency like scum of the earth, but it it’s Philips who is the one who is out of Touch, and Mogg is courteous and conscientious
Steven Henry
JRM a gentlemen in every respect and with intellect to match. A future Tory leader if I ever saw one...but in his own time. Jess a bit extreme for my tastes in her views but that doesn't make her a bad person. Upbringing mostly determines our political views but this video demonstrates that opposing views don't have to equal animosity.
S. T
The Lady was raised to hate Tories for good reason they are a party for the rich and the rich are life sucking parasites that didn't earn barely any of their money the inventors and founders of institutions are few and far between!! Even then how can they live while there is poverty not only when all thier profit is stolen from the working man
Renegade Dalek
You can see the ideological possession in everything she drones on about.
Rich Lee
I like this guy
Richard Hall
Jess is from a fairly privelaged background herself. Her father was a teacher, whilst her mother was a deputy chief executive in the NHS. She did also attend her local grammar school. I don't dislike her but better to be honest when it comes to background rather than use an act.
I’d rather sit naked on a sharp pointed cactus with a metric ton of iron placed on my head than vote for Jess Phillips.
It's amazing to me that you can be a politician in the UK and get away with any amount of racist or sexist comments so long as its towards white men. The people who elected Jess Phillips are disgusting people.
Sam Carter
An outpouring against Jess Phlillips BTL, and rather a lot of support for JRM.

Whilst this vid may not do much of a job in exhibiting her finest side, I'd speak up strongly in support of Jess. If Labour were more matter-of-fact in their approach to the values they claim to stand for as she is, they'd stand a fine chance of having my vote (which to date they have not),
Listen to her speak on other matters and you may hear some of the attitude we'd benifit from in all of our politicians, rather than playing for power more than principle...
Thomas Gannon
Not a fan of her at all.
Liberals brainwash their children everywhere
04:24 What does the Labour bee-yatch say? "Like the dog you ???????" Whaaaaa?
I watch "Prime Minister's Questions" faithfully. Both parties pitch wall-to-wall $$ giveaways to all and sundry. UK is lost.
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Jacob Rees Mogg destroys Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess 2 days ago   11:06

these videos are not for entertainment, they are clearly "fair dealing" under UK copyright law and are exempt as they are reporting current affairs, as I am sure you are aware UK courts "bear in mind that considerations of public interest are paramount".
UK courts see the fair dealing defence usually only applies when part of a work has been taken such as small clips as per my youtube videos.

Reporting of current events

Under Section 30(2), fair dealing using any work for the purpose of reporting current events, with sufficient acknowledgement, is a valid exception to copyright. Photographs are excluded, however; Cornish, Llewelyn and Aplin write that this is "in order to preserve the full value of holding a unique visual record of some person or event" (22ND MAY 2018) Subscribe for more Jacob Rees Mogg.