Which Tesla is the FASTEST? Lamborghini Urus v Tesla Model 2 weeks ago   06:59

Original Roadster. Model S P100D. Model 3 Performance. Model X P100D. Which Tesla would win the race?

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Thanks to our friend Shaye for bringing the Model 3 Performance and Model S P100D and making this race possible! Check out his channel here: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPRPvXbg6recJiVQ0feKOUcD/srngherq

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Anuarbek Imanbaev
Such an amazing video!! Thank you guys for getting this together! First time I’ve seen every generation Tesla drag racing. 😎
A WRX Teenager
The quietest drag race ever
Braden Archer
Look a golf cart race
Charles Stringfellow
Where’s the Tesla semi.... very disappointed
EyesOfTheLion 11
The Tesla Army will demolish every other car!
Robert Nguyen
Ceramic coating doesn't protect from rock chips
Hamza The Warrior
I want to see the Tesla model s race the Bugatti chiron
2:42 starts drag race drop a like
Clemenza Scolusso
I like the model 3 its possible that "normal" people buy it and you get enough power to make sportcar drivers angry :-p
he does not know a thing about cars 😖😖😖😖
AmrFawzi Gaming
Quiz: what is the fastest road legal electrical car that richard hammond famously crashed?

Clue: its Croatian
Nejc Vokal yt
Eh Lada is still faster.
Broke Boys Never Die.
Idc i want That white Porsche kinda car
Mario Mukaj
why wasn't the roof on the roadster?
Mario Mukaj
model s p100d obviously before watching video
*Lesson learned the fastest looking Tesla is the slowest*
Joel Sanchez
Roadster 2.0
Edward Polaco
I think the Tesla will win
Kronic mustang
Listen to those batteries roar
Vit Argis
Конечно ты проиграл, ты же крышу убрал (испортил аэродинамику)
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Lamborghini Urus v Tesla Model Which Tesla is the FASTEST? 2 weeks ago   06:48

It’s time for our ultimate SUV drag race! These are four of the most powerful and sought-after SUVs on the market, so we had to bring some special guests along to help us drive them!

You’ve got Mat in the Tesla Model X P100D, rapper Professor Green in the AMG G 63, Yianni from Yiannimize in his own Lamborghini Urus, while the fourth contender’s the Range Rover Sport SVR. They’re going head-to-head across a drag and rolling race, but can you guess who’ll come out on top? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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