Daniel Gillies Uncross The Stars_15 Happy Birthday Daniel J. Gillies 3 months ago   03:02

Clipping Greatness
No copyrights infringement intended. I just share the greatness.

I have many different clips, if there's one you want don't hesitate to ask.
Please know that my channels tend to be deleted frequently because of the contents of my upload. If it happens, just look for a clip I had already uploaded as I reupload everything from my past channels.

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Happy Birthday Daniel J. Gillies Daniel Gillies Uncross The Stars_15 3 months ago   01:31

Happy Birthday to the most handsome,amazing, man on this earth !

This video contains:
- Daniel in his movies/series
- Transformation of Daniel
- Daniel and his crazy side
- Daniel with friends/cast
- Daniel with his wife
- Daniel and his funny side
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Thank you and enjoy this video.
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Song: PLVTINUM - Come My Way
Fandom/Movies: Saving Hope, The Originals, No one can hear you, Navy CIS, Captivity
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14