Sea of Thieves | Top 10 Sea Shantys of all TIME | Animated EVERY Sea of Thieves Song | 6-man 2 days ago   01:59

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We're back with a song based on Sea of Thieves and what you do in the game. Have you got the time?

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This song was made with the help and input from all the lovely people on our twitch stream. If you want to get involved then hop over to here.

Big thanks to:

And everyone else in the twitch chat.
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Always blast this into my Mic while attacking 😂😂
Diamondar Boss
I love this game
A piece of arrrrrrrrt.
Scroto Baggins
Anybody know what the time is?
Best alarm clock ever
Scoobis god of the void
The 10 songs sounded the same, 10/10
Adventure Foxy
mango mango mango mango mango mangoooooooooo
Adventure Foxy
paragon productions
It is not sea of thieves. Its sea of weebl's
but have you seen the time m8?
Anna Zero
I think you should all sit down and think about what you have done, you do realise what you have done, don't you? DON'T YOU?! You must realise the terror that shall occur upon the Sea Of Thieves because of this do you? Well, do you?!. Well, you should because it's going to be amazing. (Please take this as it is intended as humour with a hint of evil laughter).
Евгений Лукьянов
Чё тут за движуха происходит?
The FireYoshi Archive
why is his channel dead mr. weebl needs the views again he deserves them
asthetic rose
Hey dude, Seriously sorry about saying I was gonna copyright your kid channel, I didn’t know, I’m so incredibly sorry.
tater.thot. 88
This is art
Angelus Nielson
No wonder they're asking for the time. They're lookng at a compass.
The Original Pickle Tickler
this is truly the greatest thing ever.
Tom Gyssels
They have been eating poorly seasoned food all this thyme.
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EVERY Sea of Thieves Song | 6-man Sea of Thieves | Top 10 Sea Shantys of all TIME | Animated 2 days ago   11:03

This is THE richest & fullest sounding version of the Sea of Thieves Shanties you will likely hear. Check it out!
Here's what we did..
Two of us recorded every song 3 times. Once with each instrument (we play the same instrument at the same time, one of us being lead while the other plays back-up). Then, I edited all 3 instruments playing the song to play at the same time. The outcome? Every single lead part & every single back-up part to the song is being played.

We hope you enjoy some of the music from Sea of Thieves! :) We sure do!

Summon the Megalodon - 0:04
Grogg Mayles - 2:09
Ride of the Valkyries - 3:58
Becalmed - 5:33
Bosun Bill - 8:17
We Shall Sail Together - 10:38

PIRATE LEGEND Shanty is here! 5th/NEW song! -
DRUNK Edition is finally here, and man, is it ever a drunken pukefest, just like everyone requested!
DRUNK Edition -
HURDY GURDY (only) Edition -

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Cheers from the North!
The Kreators

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