Dutch bridge opens - Slauerhoffbrug CABVIEW HOLLAND Rotterdam - Amsterdam 3 months ago   07:51

Dutch Train Channel
Please watch: "(437) DUTCH RAILROAD CROSSING - LONG VIDEO - Zevenbergsche Hoek - AKI Spoorovergang "
https://ai-tube.com/videoai/wPtvJbfsDBb --~--
The Slauerhoffburg opens at Leeuwarden.
You can see here the special edit of this bridges: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/xw2BGZ_bVkR

This channel features mostly railroad crossings in the Netherlands, but does also occasionally presents videos of bridges, model trains, church bells and other events.
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Dutch Train Channel
You can see here the special edit of this bridges https://ai-tube.com/videoai/xw2BGZ_bVkR
আমি নেতা হব
what the fuck..Thay Waste there time and Money 😂😂😂
Walid Khouatmia
يعني الصراحة هادا عمل فشخة بففف قريب نصف الساعة الشمس غربت والناس نامت. فاليابان هناك جسر يرفع اليابان كلها في نصف دقيقة
Beautiful Pakistan
Abay loray Agay ja k Sab dikhata toh maza ata
Ghanou Harachi
تمنيك وصاي علاه كاين غير هاديك الطريق...ولي راهو يهدر على العرب... هداك الشئ كلش من رزق العرب .لوكان ماستعمروش .لوكان رانا ملاح ...منين قوى عليهم دراهم خليهم يتمنيكو ...
я сначала подумала что они на этот мост наезжают и потом по нему скатываются вниз как с горки, типа паром качеля _/-- а оказывается это участок дороги так сделали чтобы он поднимался. ну прикольно где такой мост находится какой город интересно?
publico Domingo
Esto es una hobra de chinos alguien sea salido del tiesto bonito no espectacular si otra forma de un puente
Bond 007
Dinosaur bridge !! I🦕 don't like...
Fiona McClain
Beautiful engineering. The Dutch have so much innovation to offer. Now if only our world didn't require such a rush through life, this would be favorable. At least as an American, I can say I'd struggle not to lose my shit waiting on this bridge
jd dr.jkindle
Moi Moi
Dairon Minyanga
An ambulance rushing to the hospital with a critical patient and come at this time .whats next ???
Dairon Minyanga
Wasting time and money flyover is the best quick and cheaper
Why does the bridge need to be raised so high?
Just for 3 little yacht boat to pass and you wasted all this time
Halis Dogan
ulan 3 tane deynek geçtiği için yolu kapattınız. yazzık be. ben olsam o gemilerin deynklerini yatıttırırdım.
Heinz Gross
blödsinn unnötige zeitverschwendung
Gacha JBC
Imagine driving over it while it’s going up
iank muin
Jembatan bisa naik gt
what's up
Trippy. Honestly, I didn't think the thumbnail was a real depiction.
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CABVIEW HOLLAND Rotterdam - Amsterdam Dutch bridge opens - Slauerhoffbrug 3 months ago   1:16:21

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