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In this lesson, you can learn how to make presentations in English.
Do you have to make presentations in English in your job? Imagine you have to give an important presentation in English tomorrow. How would you feel about it?
This lesson will help you learn useful phrases and techniques to introduce yourself and your topic, keep your ideas organised, deal with problems, and respond to questions from audience members.

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This lesson will help you:
- Learn how to begin the presentation by introducing yourself and the topic.
- Understand how to make a strong start to your presentation in English.
- Use signposting language throughout your presentation.
- Learn how to deal with potential problems that occur in presentations in English.

1. How to introduce yourself and your topic 0:45
2. How to make a strong start 3:51
3. Using signposting language 7:33
4. Dealing with problems 12:04

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Precious Phiri
Thanks for this fruitful lesson it is very simple, clear and easy to understand with good examples.
Mascuud Muuse
thanks you four presentation english i am interst and more interstest presentaton english thanks you four lisent my vedio
Amer Nahhas
Excellent. Thx
Namdev Jadhav
TNX mam tomorrow will be my presentation , I will do some changes my presentation , today I learn something new how to start presentation
Alemu Merga
So informative!
Safar Ibadov
Tarik Rizvi
Hai your presentation video very nice you both good speaker I like both u r my favourite friend in this time I love u my df thank u make for video
JTjivinde Uatokuja
Wow ,this is very is helpful, I now know how to do a very perfect presentation , thanks
Good lesson
mohamed OCF
I want some topics for presentation has a relation to culture or communication or ......
Mynor Rubio
Great video guys! Very useful =)
Mohammed Mohammed
very great work thank you
Jie Li
Hi have an presentation in the evening and it’s my first time I just got hired you see thanks
yudha permana
thank you for this video, it's very helpfull for me @oxford online english
Amal Solyman
Thank you very much
I have a presentation at my English course
And l'm thinking about give this topic as a presentation
What do you think?
Is it suitable?
Zahau Kilte
On Monday April 8 -2019. I’m going to talk about country food please tell me starting my presentation & closing??????
rana massoud
great thanks!
Idris Abubakar
It is a very nice advice.
Lande ferino
Thanks for your help but can help me how to make good apresentation in
final thesis
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How to start a presentation Presentations in English - How to Give a Presentation 1 day ago   03:28

How to start a presentation is just as important as the ending of one. The opening or beginning of your speech often determines how long the audience will “tune in” to your presentation. If you bore your audience right from the start, you already lost them. You need a strong intro or a strong opening line to grab the attention from the very beginning.

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