Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan WATCH: U.S. women's soccer 1 day ago   10:01

Good Morning America
Coach Jill Ellis and players Julie Ertz, Rose Lavelle, Alyssa Naeher, Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn chat about their big win and what fans can expect next. READ MORE:

What to know about the US women's soccer team New York City ticker-tape parade

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HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster
In 2017 the USWNT lost 5-2 to The FC Dallas under-15 boys squad. YES. You read that correctly. They lost to a bunch of 15 year olds and younger.
Skip Jack
Rapinoe keep your political views to yourself no one cares about your trashy self your going to hell for being a homosexual
Joseph DiBiase
Julie Ertz should be the face of the team , she has the most talent and she’s a sweetheart , not like that self centered Megan “look at me” Rapinoe, she’s a total buchiach
Curt Stolpe
I'm glad Rapinoe didn't run her foul mouth in front of those little kids. She's such a low-class disrespectful slut.
Zofoblues Zofoblues
Joke Right ?
Joe Hernandez
Megan looks like Pauly Shore.....
Kelli Wildman
They are a disgrace to our country
Hello Goodbye
Megan - Public Speaking 101 lesson on how not to give a speech to the world in NYC.
1.) No cursing;
2.) Not take the podium in an obvious drunken/high state;
3.) Allow other team members to speak for a change, and allow them to speak freely when they do and not be forced to parrot her agenda;
4.) Allow opposing viewpoints and have the courage to speak to media who might not always agree with her fuzzy pay gap math/anti-Trump viewpoint;
5.) Practice what she preaches (in particular "Talk less, listen more.");
6.) Speak for all kids, not just girls, as it implies that boys do not matter (they do not in her eyes) - it would also help expand the team's fan base beyond little girls;
7.) Speak in a more humble tone and less of an "Ain't I Great, oh yeah, the team too" manner
8.) As this represented the ideal moment to bring her message to the world, a more prepared speech was in order, beyond her "Heyyyy, yo, Heyyyyy yo, what to say, um, heyyyy, yo, heyyyy yo" ramble.
9,) Quit using the same slide rule that feminists used to calculate the now universally debunked gender pay gap.
10.) One might expect this level of immaturity from one of the 22 year old players, but never from a 34 year old co-captain. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to act like an adult when the moments call for such behavior.
BlahBlah Blah
They should've congratulate and ask the coach first
Marcelo Flit
Y la migra haciendo estragos en la calle
Rapinoe needs to be fucked in the arse. What a vile rancid POS! AINT NO WAY YOU WILL EVER BE PAID THE SAME AS MEN!! And stand up when your National Anthem is being played you unpatriotic skank!
Pee Geezee
Let's be honest the USA shouldn't even have made the final, England outplayed them and were robbed. Sport and corruption eh.
Rocafella Plaza82
Doesn't go to White House, proceeds to GMA and Jimmy Kimmel??? You sure showed Trump, Megan!!!
Donald J. Trump
They ALL need/deserve a good pu$$y grabbin'. #metoo
Julian B
Who is the girl on the left side standing up in the back, 3rd from the left?
Giofanni Rahman Dhuha
Berhalter is watching....
Daniel Schmidtka
Rapinoe has turned more people away from supporting this team than she ever brought in as fans. Congratulations!
As an American, and a Father, I SALUTE the NETHERLANDS TEAM (players, coaches, staff and all their fans) for not only their performance in the 2019 world cup, but most of all, for their behavior, poise and decency. The manner in which the DUTCH players conducted themselves is a remarkable example of how to act. Act with dignity and respect for one's Country, Anthem, Flag, and all their fellow country men and women. A Country which afforded them the privilege and honor to represent it, play the sport they love, and to compete. Well done NETHERLANDS!. You are CHAMPIONS, not only on the soccer field, but also in LIFE. DUTCH PLAYERS, you are an example to millions of girls (and boys) around the world!. An example of true sportsmanship, humility, citizenship and character. Cheers from North Carolina!
Boo Manchu
Damn Strahan, they must have backed the brinks truck up to get you to do this garbage show.
Eire Saoirse
Womens football is comical....
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WATCH: U.S. women's soccer Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan 1 day ago   09:59

After its 2019 World Cup win, the U.S. women's soccer team received a ticker tape parade in New York City. The procession then moved to the Canyon of Heroes, an area on lower Broadway between Battery and City Hall in Manhattan. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave all 23 players on the team a symbolic key to the city.

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