Grandad's postbag 190314 more Brushless DC Motor, How it works ? 1 day ago   05:41

Grandad's postbag 190314 more cheap 20A ESCs

I am not endorsing these products and I get no income from the sellers so I suggest you do your own search and find the product that suits your purposes.

eBay listing description
20A brush motor without brake brushed esc Brush Motor Speed Controller rc brake
I bought 4 for a total price of £11.80 with free postage so that was £2.95 each.
I think that listing description is a bit misleading and I would suggest you just search for "20A brushed ESC" and before you click on the cheapest listing, check whether it includes postage.

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alarme et bricolage
0:00 Black+Decker cordless hammer drill
Robert Rosson
Awesome little ESCs.Can come across them on Amazon most of the time.
Steven charter
Would love a man cave like yours...!
Foamy Flightmaster
I don't know about brushed ESCs., but If I use smaller brushless ESCs on my planes and they are rated the same, I leave both red leads connected and have never had an issue.
stephen preece
Waiting on the same I bought six think they where around £3.45 each look OK
MC's Creations
Really nice, Grandad. Those escs are great. 😊
Steve Watts
Need some ESCs too. I never find them at THAT price, wow... Yeah, I'd be buying four! Mad bargain hunting skills mate. Meh, that's the Darkw3b for you 8[]
Wil Hobbs
Sailboats don't need speed controllers. Hint Hint 😉
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Brushless DC Motor, How it works ? Grandad's postbag 190314 more 1 day ago   04:40

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The working of a BLDC motor is explained in this video with help of animation.

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