MPs debate bill which would Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should 2 days ago   3:48:04

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incorrigible delinquent
Fucking traitors.
Fools and scaremongers..... Brexit means Brexit????

What shite your talking Mrs....!!!
Traitors........ disgusting political class, destroying democracy... try honouring the will of the dare you think you know better than the people..........your a lair .....!!!

The people voted to leave......Brexit means Brexit....??? How can you remove our biggest bargaining tool from the table.... you’ve made us look like complete idiots globally.......
Political embarrassments...!!!
Roger Turner
Any members of the EU are against free trade. Because being in the custom's Union means that you are not allowed to do free trade. Means that the EU are against freedom and democracy. the whole point of leaving is to once again being ignored by unpatriotic labour party who has sold out to the globalist masters
Repulse theMonkey
There will be a reckoning for this treachery. Hopefully, a bloodless reckoning at the next GE. However, I would not be in the least bit surprised if people who feel utterly betrayed started to take action. Again, one would hope that any such action did not harm people or property. It is so sad that those supposed to represent us have failed so badly, and by their own design.
This is shameful that we can't trust our politicians to delver Brexit or the default position of the no deal. The public are shocked that these so called MP are allowed to go against the people with their self seeking agendas.
Walt Van Court
Count the peoples vote, that's what matters. Get out NOW !
Maybe we should vote on whether we want foreign workers to compete for MPs jobs on 10% of there wages, we would save loads and the work they do couldn't be any worse or less patriotic than now
Thats 17 million people gonna vote for nationalist parties next election, good luck in your seats, you'll need it
anthony 1965
They !!!!! Thee elite ,
Do not want us to leave Eu , der ,
Please get it
Shaun Jack Beaver
The traitors want hanging!
cw porter
Fuck May, fuck parliament and fuck the EU.
Interdimentional Wizard Wiz
Astonishing idiocy.
if you cannot say 'no deal' then........... at negotiations............. you will lose.
I am going to make a deal to buy your house........ 20p...... and I move in at the weekend.....
Rule Britannia..... maybe you want to look up the words.
The Short Session Angler
Compromises can be good, but they are not inherently good. If someone wants to cut off your right arm, do you compromise by agreeing that they can cut off half of your arm? Of course not. Beware therefore of the person offering the compromise, telling you a compromise must be found. They may be offering to cut off only part of your arm.
The customs union (if outside of the EU) is inherently a bad deal. It will allow the EU to sell access to UK markets with nothing in return and with no veto. Imagine a trade deal is being negotiated between the EU and a third country. The third country wants a sweetener or compromise in exchange for particular access that the EU wants to its country. Easy, the EU chucks in something that damages the UK economy (and not theirs). We could do nothing to stop that and it will happen. The UK will inevitably be the lunch, to be eaten, in any trade negotiations. We will be gobbled up and thrown to the wolves. That is what the so called compromisers want to do to your economy and they want to do this damage permanently and irrevocably.
Why would any democratic country, give away in perpetuity, any right to have any control over its trade policy, without any right to leave or to change that deal in future? No rational country would be doing this. It is undemocratic and its cedes sovereignty permanently without anything in return.
A customs union outside of the EU is therefore a bad deal. Any politician that tells you otherwise is wrong and most of those in favour of this are doing so for their own personal political interests, but it is dangerous snake oil. They are willing to sacrifice the UK’s future economic interests for their own personal political survival.
A customs union inside the EU has logical sense. We have a vote. We have the right to veto. We are part of the system, our interests can be best protected that way, and we can leave it if we do not want to be.
The reality is that there are only two deals on the table. All others are either unacceptable (customs union, backstop etc) or pointless (Common Market 2.0). The choice is clearly hard Brexit or no Brexit. That is obvious both logically and from the results of the Parliamentary indicative votes. That decision is now obvious and should be made by a second referendum. It was not how the first referendum was run and there is no democratic mandate for hard Brexit. I suspect strongly that remain will win.
There is also no democratic mandate for a customs union on its own. The Tories stood on a manifesto of leaving the customs union.
The biggest danger today is that a compromise is reached, permanently damaging the UK’s economic and political influence, with nothing in return and with no ability to escape that deal, even if every UK MP voted in favour of change. We cannot let that happen.
if we were a republic we could send in the army to clear this place out and lock them up
Cross party is doublecross the public
brand ex
The British people want a No Deal, WTO Brexit. The British people voted to leave all EU rule, the Customs Union and the Single Market, for sovereignty. Remainers should have no say in the Brexit process. They LOST the referendum!!!! The UK wants a No Deal Brexit!!!
All Traitors
catherine duffy
Yvette Cooper needs to be deselected along with the other remainers going against their constituents. The referendum wasn’t about trade like these politicians are making it about. We voted to leave not for a deal.
Taco Bell
Our parliament is a global joke. I actively encourage Juncker, Barnier and Tusk to give us a week to decide what we want to do, and if we can't, to simply throw us the fuck out.
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Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should MPs debate bill which would 2 days ago   17:22

The Independent's John Rentoul sits down with MP for Streatham and new Liberal Democrat member Chuka Umunna to talk about his decision to join the party just months after forming Change UK.

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