Battery conversion for Solar Wobbler World Dangerous Fast Machines 2 days ago   20:24

Battery conversion for Solar Wobbler. I used small magnets to connect to the battery for demonstration purposes. I would suggest a proper battery box would be a better long term solution.
Lidmotor's Simi - Levitaited Rotor ----Driven by solar waver driver

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Home Dronen
Did you solder the negative side of transister to the negative wire? Thanks!
XDeelan Ratsegg
Interesting! I think I may have thought of something like this at one point, but never tried it.
I am working on this exact project right now.   Thanks for taking a look at this.  If you put a potentiometer in series you can adjust the speed / amp draw you want in total darkness.   Basically I have mine running fast during the day and slow at night.   The actual power source can be anything of course but I am going to try my latest rotating motor using a AAA.  Most people suggest putting a diode in there to prevent solar panel drain but I found that it isn't necessary on this setup.  Remember!!! ----All this started with your 'Snowman'.  For years I have watched him in the background of your videos rocking away endlessly and wondering --Why?  How?  Now I understand.
My Kites.
Nice one Grandad
Mike Flight
Interesting experiment.
Maybe it would be better to reduce the value of the resistor with the older batteries. I would think a 2k would be better.
"BIG FOOT" made a good suggestion about the diode too. I never knew that neodymium could take solder, so that's good to know. :D
Hello. I made an external battery of two solar panels of L = 2 inch and l = 1 inch
may want to use a diode to protect the solar panel from discharging across the battery ,they are conductive ,read up on solar protection diode ,usually a small Schottky diode will do m8 you will need a diode that works down to your battery voltage but current will be very small I would think
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World Dangerous Fast Machines Battery conversion for Solar Wobbler 2 days ago   16:52