Steve Bannon: Trump is doing Steve Bannon: China is a threat 1 day ago   06:51

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Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss the status of the China trade talks. Also at the table is guest host Tom Friedman, New York Times foreign affairs columnist.

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Any American who throws a milkshake at Steve Bannon or takes a gigantic shit on his head is patriotic and doing the right thing.
China business model is no good for world! Period.
allen Jo
Always support trump.. Amarica will rise again just wait and see... Strategy business... Trump is not idiot.. He is a successful business men.. And why I say this.. Because he ever be a bankruptcy men ands be rich again... How he did that? Its call strategy business... We out side from other country support you trum... For the race of the world
anatoli p
Friedman a globalist dog.
Fair & Square Justice
The world should boycott American goods and services! The world can live without America. If they want to isolate themselves, let them be.
Peter Karel Kraus
Short term pain for long term gain. You can't remodel anything without making some kind of mess.
Tim Wallace
watch the chinese sell US dept bonds and put a major hurt on the US. If you think they dont have cards in their back pocket you arent informed. Dumb argument you guys both are clueless.
Joshualevi Frederick
Nailed it Guys
nick f
Dont like trump but he is exactly on target with china.
Johnny Toobad
Wow, thought I'd never see this...Freidman even talking with Bannon. Well, at least one card-carrying libtard "saw the light". One step at a
Candace Weatherlow
Steve's face gives away his respect level. Love this guy, he's so patient w stupid people
Friedman needs to talk to his idiot liberal buddies in the media like his new york times, cnn, msnbc, and Washington post buddies just to start with.
WHat an idiot:it's a win win, but they need to be forced. Factories being send to China? How do you send a factory to China? The US gvt just made the USA unattractive because of the enormous taxation tied to running an empire and multiple wars. Now he wants more force, more war, to create win win situations. What a moron.
Lib Comment
Pathetic that CNBC serve up Steve Bannon as a 'normal' everyday guest. 🙄 Check out his Breibart record, his backing of extreme right wing movements in Europe, his role with Cambridge Analytica. And thats just the start. Cnbc have researchers right....
John Jang
The only thing that Trump is doing right is firing this Nut Case - Steve Bannon.
Fakenewspatrol 007
Recently, Steve Bannon, who is "not surprisingly dead," has finally brushed up the sense of existence. The former US president's senior strategic adviser, who once known as the "White House Master", has been sighing and screaming around in August 2017, screaming at his sleazy Chinese clichés and trying to make a comeback. Now, when the US government once again lifted the tariff bar on China, Bannon seems to feel the opportunity to come. He took the opportunity to concoct a long article and confessed from six aspects that "China has become the biggest enemy of the United States." In this "economic war" with China, we must not compromise with the tariffs.

A closer look at the so-called six aspects of evidence supported by Bannong can be described as logical confusion and ridiculous conclusions. It is simply unbearable, and it feels that he has become mad and suffering from snoring.

For example, Bannon accused China of having been engaged in “economic warfare” with industrial democracies. The fact is that China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative has built the world’s largest platform for sharing, sharing and sharing, and has become the world’s most popular public product. . For another example, he claimed that the US-China trade dispute is a "fundamental conflict". The United States insists on tariffs, is full of extreme militant thinking, ignores the historical lessons of "the trade war has no winners," and violates global public opinion. In addition, he attacked China's "theft" and "plundering", and it was unfounded and unfounded. Because in 2017, China's domestic patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other types of intellectual property applications ranked first in the world. In 2018, China's innovation index ranked among the top 20 in the world, ranking 17th, up from last year. 5 digits. China has become one of the world's largest intellectual property owners. How come "stolen"?

Bannon’s most hostile remarks are that he slanders China’s desire to become a “global hegemon” and reflects its deep-rooted hegemonic thinking. At the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, which opened on Wednesday (15th), Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out in his keynote speech that "friends and good neighbors and peace and harmony are the consistent way of life of Chinese civilization." President Xi has repeatedly Public announcements at home and abroad firmly stated that no matter which step is taken, China will never seek hegemony and never expand, and will never impose the tragic experience that it has experienced on other nations. The concept of "community of human destiny" put forward by President Xi Jinping is to express China's joint development with all countries, common security, governance, joint participation, and shared results. This feeling and responsibility of "taking the world as the public" is difficult or deliberately unwilling for American politicians who pursue "American priority", only my own respect, narrow and selfish.

(Infographic: Steve Bannon Photo credit: China News Service) (Infographic: Steve Bannon Photo credit: China News Service)
In the face of the facts, Bannon’s confusing lie is like a broken soap bubble, which is surprising but only a ridiculous and generous. However, some of the far-right politicians in the United States, represented by Bannong, have fallen into the filth of China, but they have the potential to return to the ghost of "McCarthyism" in the 1950s. The American politicians who promoted the alternative right-wing movement are self-satisfied, threatening the core decision-making level, pursuing xenophobia, shaping China into a scapegoat, and arguing the normal economic and trade friction between the United States and China into an irreconcilable conflict of values ​​and civilization. I even want to have a war between the United States and China immediately to satisfy their lust and ambition to gain more space for political activities.

It is noted that just this Wednesday (15th), some US senators announced that they have submitted a bill to Congress to prohibit the issuance of visas to the United States for personnel working or sponsored by Chinese military research institutions to reduce the so-called "US security risks." On the same day, the White House also announced that the country has entered a "state of emergency", prohibiting US companies from using telecommunications equipment produced by companies that pose a danger to national security. It is widely believed that the intention of this move is that Huawei’s intention is very obvious.

In today's economic globalization, the United States, the world's most developed country with super-scientific technology, military and economic strength, is so savage, and the sense of security is so bad that it is really unbelievable to shut the door to the world. Fighting against the enemy is easy, except for the heart. In fact, the only thing that can defeat the United States is itself. Right now, the new right wing that jumps in the United States, holds the "zero-sum" game and the old thinking of power politics is the real enemy of the United States. The American people should be vigilant about this new "McCarthyism" represented by Bannon.

President Xi Jinping once vividly said that protectionism is like turning himself into a dark room. It seems to have escaped the wind and rain, but it also isolates the sun and the air. Right now, what makes the world feel sad is that under the clamour and shackles of the "bannons," the United States is closing the black house more and more tightly, waiting for it or will be self-suffocating.

(International critical commentator)
d byko
Tom Friedman is conflicted....he now has to face the truth of what he always knew...TRUMP IS A FUCKIN may lose your job
Bannon is full of crap. Bring back mfg jobs? US companies are moving them to Vietnam...
johan qian
why should we sign a deal if we hate each other?just stop the diplomatic relationship
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Steve Bannon: China is a threat Steve Bannon: Trump is doing 1 day ago   07:03

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joins "Squawk Box" to explain why he is looking to revive a cold war-era organization to take aim at China.

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