Late Night Shopping Fresh Crab Prince (of Bel Air) 2 days ago   00:41

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Late Night Shopping
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Animations, sketches and songs by the Mr Weebl and the Weebl's Stuff Team.
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** FAQ **
Q: What do you use to animate?
A: Mostly Flash and a bit of After Effects.
Q: How do you make your music?
A: Reason/Record by Propellerheads.
Melodyne by Celemony. Cubase (rarely) by Steinberg.
I also use Adobe Audition for voice editing and a SE2200a mic.

Comments 245 Comments

Storm Kitty
That reminds me of a rap
When flash videos were how the kids got their jollies on the net... it was a simpler time..
Jedidiah Martin
God this takes me back to college. Still my favorite Weebl animation.
Andy Davies
Adds flavour and excitement
Everything I know about British culture was learned from this channel
Haven't watched/heard this in years. Just my favorite! It's fantastic!
fox 629
The end is so funny when he runs across the room well in my opinion
I have this looped in my files. Love it!
Still coming back to this~
Damian Harouff
I miss the flash version of this that looped forever.
Waspo 9
or shit I forgot the lightbulbs
hmmmmmmm! i wonder why !!!
The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ
jesus christ
Charles Fort
Mcfatty Muffin
2016 baby
Mike Ebink
0:19 top left corner
Dolly Summers
Diego Kroeten
I will never learn to love this monstrosity
I've started quoting this is everyday conversation.
I like that bread me, that you cook around the back in your little machine next to the toilet cleaning products...

Ahh, adds flavour and excitement.
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Fresh Crab Prince (of Bel Air) Late Night Shopping 2 days ago   01:37

As suggested in my twitch stream. Here's a mashup of the classic Crabs song and the Fresh Prince. Enjoy and please share it you like it.

A version of this song was performed in our set at DreamHack last year.
MrWeebl is a channel of fun and silliness, with songs and cartoons and even cartoon songs. Wow. Some call it random. It's not random. It's absurd look at life because day-to-day life is ridiculous.

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