Cody Parkey Misses Game Bears/Eagles Fans Reaction to Cody 2 weeks ago   01:26

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Chris Boe
Cody Parkey shaves with Gillette
Einhorn is Finkel.. Finkel is Einhorn.. yup
Stop Trolling
Tipped bruh
Slabber Dabber
Idk why everyone gave him shit like let's see you kick a 12 yard field goal lmaoooo.
That fucking Eagles coach even knew what he was doing fuck him lmaooo
Rah Upnext
He made it the first time but eagles cheated and did a timeout
Ranel Gallardo
Icing the kicker should be illegal in the gameplay
NFL confirmed that this kick was tipped by a defensive lineman at the line, so stop blaming the kicker, and if you have to blame, then blame the line.
Matthew Parrilla
Creds to al michaels. Called this perfectly. True pro
Z. Wilson
Laces out Dan!
tellno lies
white men can't jump... or kick😡 LOL...
Im Chayzz
Laces out!!!!
Hugh Jass
I'm a fan of one of the other teams but I think icing the kicker shouldn't be allowed. I know winning the game is important but it feels like a cheap move to me. Plus, the fans are really hard on the kickers when they miss the second time , they always forget that they usually made the first one before the other team called a timeout. This guy made the first one, it's just bad luck that he missed the second one.
Doc Spoc
*It is Stupid to try the blame the whole game on one guy!!*
First of all, Eagles' player Treyvon Hester tipped Cody's kick changing its course and momentum. Secondly, He initially kicked it IN on his first attempt, but the Eagles called time-out at the last possible moment. So all-in-all he did his job, period. Fate had it that it wouldn't score the 3 points, but he did his job as he should have to the best of his ability and would have won the game, but it was called back.
Third, is he the only one who made a mistake throughout this whole game? Because a loss or a win is attributed to all the contributions of every single player in each game (get the logic, and do the math idiots).
Fourth, is he the only player on the team, and this is a competition of field goals for/from one kicker or is this a team effort of many players on a team? You're trying the blame the whole game on one guy, ARE YOU STUPID??!!!
Tj RhdEg6
It’s funny that people are just blindly jumping on the bandwagon bashing Parker while completely missing what actually happened here.
Gordon Franklin Terry
Let's win against The Saints today
Gordon Franklin Terry
Ha ha ha ha ha
Charlie Trivian
Cody practiced all season to hit the upright. Games are totally fixed.
1:20 the bears mascot died
Shai Galloway
Kareem Hunt wouldn't of missed😭😂
Mark Johnston
The lesson here folks is that icing the kicker is an effective psychological weapon.
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Bears/Eagles Fans Reaction to Cody Cody Parkey Misses Game 2 weeks ago   10:17

Bears/Eagles Fans Reaction to Cody Parkey Missed Game Winning Field Goal! - (NFC Wild Card Round)

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