Man Quits $80K Job to Work in Grocery Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until 3 months ago   05:00

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Yves quit his job even though he had it all: a big salary, health benefits and a pension plan. He sold his downtown condo, too. Why did he decide to drastically simplify his life? Because he was unhappy and unfulfilled. A couple of years ago, he went on a 10-day silent retreat and, after much soul-searching, realized that his job and his stressful lifestyle needed to go. Now, a year and a half later, he's living a minimalist lifestyle in a small bachelor apartment, riding his bike to work, and working 3 days a week at a grocery store. He has more time to spend with the people he loves, and a lot less stress. Does he regret his downshifting decision? Watch this video to find out!

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3:34 "Herb & Spice Shop", 1310 Wellington Street W, Ottawa, Canada. Cross street Clarendon, which you see at 3:49. Given that he's in Ottawa, the cushy government job he mentioned in the video was most likely for the Canadian government. Anyhow, a grown man in his 30s or 40s [hard to tell] is going to find it difficult to find that special someone with a bicycle for transport, a part-time job in a grocery store, and a studio apartment.
100k in the bank and i’m moving to South America
I see ! ! ! !
Lyndon Bliss
I don't believe everything seen on Youtube. Who puts his assets and future in peril for such reasons? Maybe his boss said quit or be fired.
kram keceram
gee being alone must be so much fun. the new Smallican life style, good luck until you want a family, oh wait we need to stop breeding to save the planet.
Shakira Bells
for my opinion also live simple life is the best
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs...
He has moved up the pyramid to self actualization..
Life changes. Growth is a constant. If man wants to stagnate here that's one thing. But if he wants to grow like everyone else, he'll have to find his purpose in life and get back into the race. Nothing like getting married and raising a family to understand what life's all about.
Roz Sa
80K is only £60K. People can retire in USA on that salary post working a decade? WOW. I earn more than double that in the UK and definitely couldn't retire.
carmenza Gonzalez
This guy is me right now. Government employee skill migrant with 90k/year very unhappy
Want to hold because my life outside work give me a window to fill myself with energy and actually enjoy what I do at work.
I am not being recognised for my work tho
My heart tell me to have a tiny house in the country side and grow my own food.
My head tell me to live comfortable and don’t give any importance to my employer or my job itself.
Still don’t know what will make me happy .. at 52 I enjoy traveling and exercise but I want to live life and get some meaning
Why even decide what I want is not clear?
Tell you something I am not the only one with this dichotomy keep reading comments
And he only could do it because he was financially padded. Try living like this your entire life. Being told by CPS your too poor to have a kid. Working on broken or fractured bones. F this
Art of Peek-a-Boo style
cocobutter Chin
I did almost the same thing working in Medical field giving treatment to patients on Dialysis. I did it for 10 years and stressed out,ended up with high blood pressure. One day I just resigned,my place is paid off,rent and mortgage free. I took 1 year off to think about what to do next. Now, I work at MARS Chocolate company surrounded with chocolate and I love it a lot. I make $16 an hour,my debt paid off except for my 5 years old car that I got and planning to pay off soon. I have one child that is 14 years old and l am single. Saving a lot more money now.
Krystyna Sosulski
I wonder how he is doing 3 years later. Sleeping on a coach in friends house and sponging of others?
I would first just ask the company to work part time instead if possible, and make more money than a grocery store job, that gives more time to do other stuff with a better pay
Lisa Luscan
Not very impressive.
Kneerahj Koomār
What should I do?
Ron B
No one working 6 to 7 days a week is happy especially if you have a family I promise you that, unless you are more in love with stuff than your own family...
If I didn’t have two kids to feed I would do this.
Krishna Chitti
Dude- great decision* take a break n go travel
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Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until Man Quits $80K Job to Work in Grocery 3 months ago   10:26

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