Theresa May faces PMQs after Brexit deal debate LIVE: 2 days ago   40:49

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RR Extra
Mogg will be the next pm, It doesn't matter about votes because democracy has never existed in reality
Cage Fighter
If this fucking woman was in this to do whats best for this country Tommy Robinson wouldn't be in court today she would have dealt with all the issues he is fighting for, lying slag.
fuck the EU/May&OllieRobbins
This perfidous, mealy mouthed Janus must go
Joseph Handford
All MP's that pass through the lobby that desire to take No Deal off the table should be deselected by the consituents at the earliest opportunity to show the peoples disgust at Westminster's blatant attempt to ignore the will of the people and democracy!
She did not care, knew it wouldn't pass, twice in fact. 3 Brexit sec's in 2 years, all media against the deal from the start and a remain PM to boot. Then you had the carefully scripted dinners, insults, poor Theresa, that should make the illusion look good, get the peoples sympathy, well she tried didn't she..strange that no serious planning was done for an exit though? 12 trucks driving to Dover, that should do it. Ever get the feeling you have been lied to?
Anton Lavrentiev
Somehow this voice suits Ms. May well
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Brexit deal debate LIVE: Theresa May faces PMQs after 2 days ago   3:45:11

Watch the historic parliamentary debate on Theresa May's Brexit deal. (Subscribe for more Brexit coverage:

The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Government outlines the terms on which the UK will leave the EU.

The Government has allotted five days for the Brexit deal to be debated, which includes up to eight hours of debate on December 4, 5, 6 and 10. Votes are expected on December 11.

20 Conservative MPs have already said publicly they will vote against May's deal, and others say they're also unhappy with it. Meanwhile, Mrs May's minority government allies the DUP have expressed their own concerns.


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