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Air Date: Dec. 31st, 2013

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Penn Jilette sez he's never had a puff of Marijuanna and that is a fair statment. I can say that i have never had a Social Securtiy Card and nobody has it is a cest de que trust. So i think maybe he is refering to his corporate fiction strawman but in my case i am not i am refering to the living human person man that i have never had any puff of marijuanna a legal word used to make cannabis a plant illegal which it is not now nor never has been ever.
Neal Asher
"Do watch the whole thing as an illustration that we are, indeed, on the side of the angels here. Libertarians like and trust people; prohibitionists don't. It's that simple." - Dick Puddlecote.
Libertarian's are just republicans who like drugs and prostitutes. Very classy.
Trevor Brass
Free up some law enforcement resources from drugs, and move them towards capturing and prosecuting murderers, rapists, robbers, and burglars. Tax revenue from legalized cannabis could also go to schools, since who's against public education after all?
Another new libertarian show? Sweet.
Justin Time
legalize freedom
God, only people who want to take drugs call efforts "The war on drugs"
Urban Deployment
The answer isnt making them legal. The answer is telling the government they have no right to tell us what we can put in our bodies. Once that is established everything else will fall into place. 
Ray Cyst
I've never heard better stuff from Penn. Right on brother.
It's a shame interviews like these rarely make it on the main fox channel....always hide these away on fox business
dayum penn scorin w/ the ladies
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Penn Jillette - Freedom is Freedom Penn Jillette: Making Drugs 1 day ago   06:08

Penn Jillette discusses freedom issues with Devil’s Advocate Jon Caldara.