Boris Johnson: "I make models Boris Johnson And The Bus | All In | MSNBC 1 day ago   10:09

The front-runner for the Tory leadership joins talkRADIO's Political Editor Ross Kempsell for an exclusive interview covering his Brexit plans, the Conservative leadership campaign and the last sports match he watched.

The new Tory leader will be announced on July 23, the party has confirmed.

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Jennifer Roberts
He literally like to play with people...hmmmm very telling 😂
what makes me angry, is this moron or an interviewer. Doesn't want to hear an answer and is far more concerned with getting through his questions on time than hearing any reply that lasts more than five seconds. Talk radio needs to find a MATURE and experienced person to do these interviews, not some millennial idiot.
Pedro Pereira
THIS is the best man to govern Britain in its most critical time? :/
raj k
A guy with islamic ancestry..Britain going the right becoming islamic republic pretty soon..
Michael Schiffmann
The man is clearly out of it after emptying those wine crates.
The Rub
boris you plum, you sock is inside out!
Stephen Biggins
Boris Johnson if becomes P M HE ASK TO TAKE US OUT OF THE STUPID BLOODY WANKERS IN THE E U AND TEL CLARK AND CO TO PISS OFF because thay are a set of aresholes in Government and looking after there own interests and not the interest of the British people
ZF82 AbuAnihaNt8
I am old labour voter (hate Blairite) but I have a lot of respect for Rees Mog, but I think Rees Mog is backing Boris can be dangerous without Boris promising Rees Mog personally to have Nigel Farage on Negotiation team for Brexit,
As Boris is notoriously treacherous and a liar saying, promising different things to different people,
then at least Rees Mog would know he's a another betrayer to Rees Mog just like Rees Mog was singing Theresa May praise when she duped the Moggy.

"Seeing is decieving eating is believing"

Other than that I only trust Nigel Farage,
And Jeremy Corbyn because of their honest character, personality.
ZF82 AbuAnihaNt8
I hope he doesn't f up 31st Oct 2019,
Like he f'd up his loved ones in his personal life.
Someone who promising and saying different things to different people makes me very nervous,
Knowing that Charlatan and the whore (Hitler grade propagandist) that he is.
brad douglas
Boris makes buses. So fucking funny
Och sure we won't need any spending on buses or infrastructure if Boris gets in. He can make em for us (the buses.)
Paul Wood
BoJo says it's all about trust in politics. This from the mouth of probably the most deceitful politician of modern times. Mark my words, if we leave without a deal, there will thousands of people with nothing better to do than make crappy model buses. If we leave with a deal, we will not be better off than we are now. All the conservatives want to do is save their own bacon. Let's fight for another referendum instead. If the conservatives sink into oblivion, they only have themselves to blame.
Elliot Law
"I make models of busses from crates" fair enough mate, we all have our ways of relaxing, I like the build PCs, when I can't afford that, I play on my PC, or look at PC videos online and look at all the cool tech stuff that's coming out, I know people who like to paint, who like to buy broken cars/bikes/boats anything with an engine and fix it up, people who like to cycle, basically everyone has a way to relax, or a hobby, and tbf making busses from crates kinda sounds like a laugh
'I have three key merits...' and then gives five. Clearly more of a classicist than a mathematician.....
Kevin Twine
Coming from a man that thinks investigating pedophiles is a waste of time this really doesn't surprise me
spibster 89
That reporter is rude let him speak for God sake
Alexander Jensen
Talkradio is antisemetic, why waste time om them.
Martin Decamerone
33bl of the money is an already open bill he has to pay, the EU knows that. „International court“ u already spent 66bl on preparations that doesn’t work, so this is no leverage. He knows that. And he knows that it’s in the extension agreement that trying to renegotiate is a break of that agreement. He knows that. It will cost the UK trillions over the next years. He knows that, but he won’t tell u. The real reason, the EU will stop avoiding taxes by tax havens in 2020.
kevin straw
What a complete shambles this twat is. A waste of brexiteers deserve each other for the madness the country has descended into.
What makes you mad: "Buses". What makes you happiest: "Buses"
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Boris Johnson And The Bus | All In | MSNBC Boris Johnson: "I make models 1 day ago   03:08

The leading candidate to be the next British prime minister, Boris Johnson, has got a thing for the bus, in the most bizarre way.
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