Savlonic - Black Plastic [FNaF SFM] Savlonic - Epoch 1 day ago   02:17

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Big Mitch
you guys sure hate people in romania listening to neon
They use facerig don't they?
Kaden Grossman
I totally forgot how I love animated bands
The Master Tanker

The name... Savlonic

Its really familiar to me
Brandon Raybuck
Holy shit, Savlonic is still a thing, I loved these guys years back, but I just kinda stopped listening to them, excited to get back into them
Borracho Gato
Is it too late to back them on kickstarter?
The Jazzhop Man
I remember when these guys werre just a newgrounds animation
Writefag Greens
Hottie Thottie
Bought neon not too long ago actually. I'm unrightously excited for the next album
Diego 9567
I am the only one waiting this
Justin V.
WHOC AUGHT IT? PETRI DISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luree Zambetti
I,m excited for black plastic
Gavin Watts
I missed it, and I am *VERY* upset about it.
Just found out about the project....
TurdMan McQuack
Welp time to gut my bank account for you guys, srsly keep up the amazing work guys
WoW like Gorillaz
I don’t want to sound rude, but I’m not sure about the new art style. I preferred the art style of Neon and Red.
Gunold Dump
2woo PROtoTYPEz!!
Gorillaz 2
Lorence Maxwell
my first thought looking at video

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[FNaF SFM] Savlonic - Epoch Savlonic - Black Plastic 1 day ago   03:10


Original Song:
Hope you enjoyed this amazing collab! owo See yous again soon.