Expert: Lower Chinese GDP growth The "unproductive production" fueling China's 6 months ago   28:18

For the first half of this year, China’s economy registered a growth rate of 6.9 percent, higher than expected. Some say, China is entering another phase of relatively high economic growth. Is this number solid to showcase China's economic performance? What’s behind this and what’s the present and future of economic booster of the global economy?

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John Baldwin
Youtube on purpose is lowering the audio volume on targeted channels as this one is being targeted...
The Xeno
Ageing population is a bigger worry for China
Lol... the Chinese economy has peaked. Its unfortunate. They needed this high speed growth to surpass the United States.
That's looking more and more unlikely. Especially when they don't control the high tech base to catapult them past the West. Electric cars, semiconductors, advanced aviation; all these things are not controlled in China. I think a slower Chinese economy is good for world peace; the Chinese will always be number 2. A world where America is number 1 is good for peace.
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The "unproductive production" fueling China's Expert: Lower Chinese GDP growth 6 months ago   01:16

AEI Resident Scholar Derek Scissors argues that the massive growth of the Chinese economy has come with the cost of massive debt.

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