“They Say I’m Better Than Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros 2 weeks ago   06:47

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Noah Farrakhan OT Challenge ►► https://ovrt.me/2qq5fwA
Mikey Williams BALLS OUT https://ovrt.me/2Q581GK

Mikey Williams is the best 14 year old in the world. The beast from the North Coast Blue Chips had us come through to his place in San Diego and it got REAL.

It was crazy to see how locked in he is for being so young. Mikey realizes he has about 40 months until he's eligible to be in the NBA, so he's gotta WORK. He also opened up about his family life and what it's like being compared to LEBRON. This stuff is really insane. We also got the full scoop on how he ended up teaming up with Bronny James.

This was sick and btw...we got a MIKEY OT CHALLENGE coming soon. S/O to Mikey and all his fam. A lot more to come!

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I ain’t never heard someone say he better than LeBron
14 years old..... He looks like 17-18 years old
in 40 months when he's in the NBA i'll be like i Loved/knew him since he was 14
Mani Carswell
Nobody says that
Bdpc Bdpc
Watch him get hurt and he can’t play ever 😂 cocky cunt
Jessica Cano
Omg he's fine
starkley spaniard
This nigga 18 in a 14 yr body
100 subscribers without a video challenge
*wow amazing I'm going for the best couch potato*
Jeremy Walsh
make it happen bro. the sky is the limit.
Who is “they” youngblood?
His crib is where Brawadis used to live
His voice is deep af for a 14 year old
jaylon boyd
my brothers basketball teamate gracen is his cousin so i have seen him he used to play for the seals keep up the work mikey
Jeshaun Coleman
I don’t think your better than Lebron or his son honestly your just popular ik people better than u but u keep puttin that work in you’ll be there 🤴🏿🤴🏿☝🏿☝🏿💯
Mitchell Willis
Mayb better than LeBron James Jr but not lebron
i am nobody
do not under estimate bronny's genes. better be humble and keep grinding. "i dont let this get inside my head" lol! you clearly do!
y his neck slanted like that
xxxsire Mczeek
0:54 that's my son Steph curry 😂
Seems genuine and I like how he thinks normal and doesn’t let those things get in his head , he’s smart you got my support
marquanes williams
Lmbo He need to go back to whoever they are in slap them for telling u a lie like that lmbo
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Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros “They Say I’m Better Than 2 weeks ago   06:22

Bronny, Shaqir O'Neal, Caleb & Josh Christopher and friends turn up at the O'Neal house to celebrate Mimi O'Neal's 17th Bday!

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