“They Say I’m Better Than Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros 6 months ago   06:47

LaMelo Reacts To ZION ►► https://ovrt.me/2S4tjB7
Noah Farrakhan OT Challenge ►► https://ovrt.me/2qq5fwA
Mikey Williams BALLS OUT https://ovrt.me/2Q581GK

Mikey Williams is the best 14 year old in the world. The beast from the North Coast Blue Chips had us come through to his place in San Diego and it got REAL.

It was crazy to see how locked in he is for being so young. Mikey realizes he has about 40 months until he's eligible to be in the NBA, so he's gotta WORK. He also opened up about his family life and what it's like being compared to LEBRON. This stuff is really insane. We also got the full scoop on how he ended up teaming up with Bronny James.

This was sick and btw...we got a MIKEY OT CHALLENGE coming soon. S/O to Mikey and all his fam. A lot more to come!

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So we gonna act like he did not brush his teeth
Aaron Beasley
also the 14 year old kid thats 6,10 is on the same team
Sasuke Uzamaki
Im 16 and his voice is deeper than mine oof
Hey It’s Makayla
Bengai Maximum
Bs he ain’t no 14 years old Nani
asian potato no
he doesnt look 14
JC Santos
Im 15 but my height isnt.
my bae that nigga PERIOD😍😍💛
Mr Polar
I’m 14 and I look 18 my nigga 14 and look 24 haaa
-Flames 2G
Puberty hit him hard bruh
Jaylen Graves
I’m a fan and I’m 17 years old
Zack Carrera
This guy is influencing
Alex Diaz
Jacob Lalmuanpuia
If only I was 6"1 atleast I'd beat all them 💯
Eric Jones
You not better than lebron
Joshua Huntley
NBA youngboy brother
MrDrake 365
No he isn't
This dude got full armpit hairs at 14.
Ronjoe Filoteo
14+4 he means
Dominate tradition
I hope he dont sell out like most NBA player start wearing purses and shit and his gf pants lol life is bigger than the NBA
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Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros “They Say I’m Better Than 6 months ago   06:22

Bronny, Shaqir O'Neal, Caleb & Josh Christopher and friends turn up at the O'Neal house to celebrate Mimi O'Neal's 17th Bday!

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