“They Say I’m Better Than Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros 2 months ago   06:47

LaMelo Reacts To ZION ►► https://ovrt.me/2S4tjB7
Noah Farrakhan OT Challenge ►► https://ovrt.me/2qq5fwA
Mikey Williams BALLS OUT https://ovrt.me/2Q581GK

Mikey Williams is the best 14 year old in the world. The beast from the North Coast Blue Chips had us come through to his place in San Diego and it got REAL.

It was crazy to see how locked in he is for being so young. Mikey realizes he has about 40 months until he's eligible to be in the NBA, so he's gotta WORK. He also opened up about his family life and what it's like being compared to LEBRON. This stuff is really insane. We also got the full scoop on how he ended up teaming up with Bronny James.

This was sick and btw...we got a MIKEY OT CHALLENGE coming soon. S/O to Mikey and all his fam. A lot more to come!

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OG Ian
2:42 that big boi fella
OG Ian
Height of mikey williams?
look at 0:54 dat js wet af jk kids learing these day like me im 10 only
aaron lee
he seem cocky
Mikey's dad better than lavar ball
Devon Amagan
At least he ain't better then Michael Jordan.
Lil Moco
thizz kid said he came up from sleepin on an air matress, i came up from sleepin on the hard ass woodin floor CMON MAN dont point out your struggle if u didn't struggle
I just started basketball it is soo fun 🏀
Mixedy CS
there's no such thing as girl power only mom power
Yadneli Molina
shoooo he 14 im 14🥵
Toby Ibe
Lol blue check at 14😮
Nehemiah Howard
Hes younger than me tf
Jack L
4:30 they went through an exit only door
alicia gibson
1:52 thats my school
Ryan Mitchell
He ain't broke I seen his outfit at the beginning tryna make it seem like he had to come up from nothing that's what they all do Lieing ass bitches
Ryan Mitchell
I feel like Zion was better
No one thinks he’s better than lebron.
Milo Kennedy
At the gym anyone else realize that Moonlight is playing in the background
Milo Kennedy
4:41 dude with the air pods walks in, says I don’t speak broke.
sponge boi
That hairline tho
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Bronny, Shaqir, Christopher Bros “They Say I’m Better Than 2 months ago   06:22

Bronny, Shaqir O'Neal, Caleb & Josh Christopher and friends turn up at the O'Neal house to celebrate Mimi O'Neal's 17th Bday!

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