Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Lyric Grimes - Art Angel (Documentary) 6 months ago   05:43

"We Appreciate Power" by Grimes, out now on all services:

Directed by Grimes and Mac Boucher

Zekia Rina

Concept - Grimes

Producers - Ryan Bradley / Mac Boucher
Editor - Grimes
Color - Grimes
DoP - Mac Boucher
Production Designer - Natalie Falt
1st AC - Jay Janocko
Jib Operator - Victor J. Pancerev
Gaffer - Ante Cheng
Key Grip - Ryan Mcdonough
BBE - Yair Halper
BBG - Sebastian Schrils
Swing - Kyle Thor
Art Director - Danielle Kauffman
Art Swing - Kevin Reyes
Carpenter - Sarah Elisabeth Little
Art PA - Scott Dragoo
Art PA - Shante Cosme
Costume - Bizarre Fetish Couture
DIT - Shiblon Wixom
Key PA - Chris Nicolas
PA - Joao Quintella
Styling/ makeup: Grimes and Hana
Special thanks to Emilio Martinez

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Ceanna Savannah
Speed it up to 1.25 & u have yourself a slap
Cyberpunk Grimes.
Guess Elon is a good muse.
damn, i'm into metal but ... fuck ... i like that song so f* much
Eros Fabricio
What kind of Zero Suit Samus are these?
well, it's all (Power, shit and computers) little ironical considering that she fell for Musk, who is world class douchebag as a employer and as human, but overall it's nice song, mainly instrumentally ( I like its heaviness and there's no Chipmunk vocals in this one)although it's artificial and hypocritical cause she not living what she's preaching also you can't submit to your own tool like you can't submit to the toothbrush ok? AI is just our tool, is part of us, is extension of us, is us
Ceanna Savannah
I would appreciate real instruments in the backround
Hana Westlake
I’m called Hana and my friends told me about this 😂
oh and whats a compuder>?
Illa von Scrylla
I got two words for you... Access Denied! lol
Can we have Grimes - We Appreciate Power feat. Elon?
Sad Girl
This song makes me wanna pole dance
Tatu Papana
Yes, bring nü metal back 👏
Diego Esteban Ovalle Monsalve
x1.25 speed
Paul Snell
I never considered Grimes as sexy ever until now
Fack Fackinnv
Мы ценим власть))) ❤ вы прям лучшие девочки которых я видел за последние время, удачи вам
John Thompson
Copied KNOWER !!!!!!
A H.
Baby plug in upload your mind
this is what happens when a weeb wins the lottery
Nobody_Gets_ My_References
The end basically means yeah we used Google Translate
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Grimes - Art Angel (Documentary) Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Lyric 6 months ago   05:55

Grimes: Art Angel a documentary

Back in November, Grimes released her technicolor new record, Art Angels. During The FADER's cover story reporting back in the summer, we sat down with Canadian producer/singer Claire Boucher in her Los Angeles home to find out how she's evolved the Grimes project, the misconceptions she has to deal with as a DIY artist, and what's she learnt touring the world.

"At first, I guess, there was just Grimes," she says in the documentary. "I don't technically have control of her narrative anymore—she very much exists in pop culture now. Grimes as one person cannot represent more than a couple of ideas. That's why I started developing some of the other characters, like really abstract from who I am and how I am."

It's a sound plan, and one that resulted in a fully realized album that details her growth with invigoratingly bold strokes. Last month, we caught up with Boucher once again at her headline Terminal 5 show in New York, where she performed with Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes, who features on Art Angels. Watch them perform in Grimes' FADER Documentary above, and stay tuned for more behind-the-music videos like this one in the new year.

Director: Brook Linder
Executive Producer: Joseph Patel
Producer: Robert Semmer
Associate Producer: Emilie Friedlander
Production Manager: Madison LaClair
Director of Photography: Frank Mobilio
Editor: Brook Linder
Camera Operator: Scott Perry
Assistant Camera: Erin Olesen, Mikey Van Beuren
Location Sound: Peter Orlanski
Sound Design: Zach Goheen at High Lonesome
Color: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
VFX: Bryan Manning at A5 Films
Titles: Rogan Howitt, Daniel Zender
Executive Producers: Rob Stone, John Cohen, Andy Cohn, Anthony Holland

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