Jordan Peterson discusses the problems Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard 6 months ago   09:57

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel
Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson discusses political correctness with Matthew as well as Women's Equality Party leader Sophie Walker and Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

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jigar Goswami
I would avoid school and collage that got her education.
Tomás Ricchetti
This woman is literally mentally retarded.
Ja Ser
Tolerance has it's limit. If you suggest that a man who believes he is a woman, or vice versa is normal then you are wrong. At the highest end this is 0.005% of the population according to 2013 statistics. This is considered anomalous. When you bend the constraints of society to accommodate 0.005% of the population you have gone a bit far. I believe that all people should be treated equally regardless of their personal situation. I don't think there is any problem with using an individuals preferred pronouns, but to require it by law is ridiculous. I think that considering this condition as a normative is very detrimental. This is especially true when you consider that the attempted suicide rate is between 30 and 40% greater than typical depending on the source or study. I do not believe this rate is due to societal conditions.
Steven Bowser
Political correctness is double plus un-good.
Western Unity
"In Britain we have freedom of speech, within the confines of the law" kek truly amazing statement and total cognitive dissonance. You can say anything the government approves of!
Hugo Hugo
This woman is the most stupid and confused fuckwit I’ve heard.
Hugo Hugo
Good interviewer and of course great interviewee. But who on earth is this dozy tart Sophie???
She: lets talk about C16 it wasn’t about pronouns it was about making sure trans people don’t get killed.

Peterson: No it was about pronouns

Jessica Rowley
Our founding fathers knew that idiots would come along eventually and try to shut everyone up. That's why it's in the constitution. They are chipping away at it based on feelings.
MattWeigs Covers
C'mon people, stop shitting all over this lady, you look like a bunch of children and Jordan would be ashamed of your ignorance 👎🤮 just think, WWJD, what would Jordan do?
Steve Smith
Not sure about Harry Enfield’s new character (in the blue shirt) That wig is trans gender though..
Paul Welsh
"We all personally have different levels for what's ok". You can't create law based on how you subjectively feel. That's insane.
Paul Welsh
We should all strive to be kinder to each other and not deliberate be insulting. Of course. But when government legislation is created then we are in trouble. The problem with the Left is that they think the government should be involved in absolutely everything. The Left are for enslavement.
Christian Carrera
Someone has got to kick her right in the pussy!!!
Conrad Mason
Blonde geezer....terrible syrup.
Sophie Walker is a perfect example of the kind of liberal ideologue Peterson rails about, especially when she's telling Petersen about how his actions were perceived in his home country.
Brave Boaz
Why is it that women can say the polar opposite things in the same sentence and still believe that they have intelligence to bring to the argument?
Generally the problem is that some people think everyone is interested in their opinion...
E.g. I seriously dont care about what this women thinks, as she cant add anything valuable to the discussion...
Why is she there?
Watching people talking about freedom of ideas as if it’s a new concept is painful to watch.
Mad Law
Any person at a college where a person is speaking should be suspended for heckling especially if their heckling is interfering with the lecture the person is giving. After the 3rd time they should be expelled from college.
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Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard Jordan Peterson discusses the problems 6 months ago   07:54

Controversial Canadian psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson explains to Tom why keeping his room clean is important, why identity politics suck, and why the ABC should be less Marxist.

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