Jordan Peterson discusses the problems Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard 5 months ago   09:57

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel
Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson discusses political correctness with Matthew as well as Women's Equality Party leader Sophie Walker and Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

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Anthony Warren
Tolerance isn't the problem it's RESPECT. respect for yourself and those around you.
Sanki King
The lady has no clue what she’s saying or what Jordan said.
What is she doing out of the kitchen?
Daniel Preus
"It wasn't about pronouns."
"No, it was about pronouns..."
Political Correctness is CANCER - End of
Hefty Alan
PC - A force for division. I know employers who are now more interested in school leavers than university graduates. They also like returners to work, those who have been out of the workplace for a while, as they want to prove themselves and work hard. "Comfortable with being uncomfortable" - no thank you. I prefer to be comfortable.
Madea Simmons
it is at least always 3 on 1 vs Jordan now since he publicly whopped that blonde lady
Why can't I see this video in the full video list on this channels video page?
Charles.k Charles.scott.Kelly
Let see 50% bricklayers
Charles.k Charles.scott.Kelly
This Guy is brilliant.
David Gayler
I have watched this clip a number of times just to see how stupid this women is .
Robert Mcgrath
Jordan is looking at her like she's handicapped
Nabil Davidson
What about the dude with the wig
Maks Rode
This is Peterson iq
fly bobbie
Blairs plan, get more morons into Uni. and brain wash them.
JeanPaul McDaniel
Wow. I don't worry about offending people. I don't get offended. I just don't care what others say. 😎
U 123
What the heck with that gay guy tho lol
Fundamentally true freedom of speech allows one the right to be able to tell another something they do not want to hear.
Guy Kittredge
The problem with the brown haired womans point is that a person doesn't know where a person is on the offended spectrum until they get offended, the only way to fix that is mandating speech which I have a big problem with
Anand Kulkarni
What is it that mankind wants to achieve in the end ?
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Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard Jordan Peterson discusses the problems 5 months ago   07:54

Controversial Canadian psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson explains to Tom why keeping his room clean is important, why identity politics suck, and why the ABC should be less Marxist.

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