3 EASY Steps to REPROGRAM YOUR The Magic Of Changing Your Thinking! 6 months ago   13:43

Leeor Alexandra
How has YOUR LIFE CHANGED in 2017? To start December off, I want to give you a practical mini-guide to changing your habits, reprogramming your mind to think more positively and to get rid of all those negative thoughts and behaviors that are dragging you down.

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Disclaimer: This video and all videos on this channel are a means of social support. I have no professional training in life coaching. I simply talk about the things I’ve learned that have personally made my life better.

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Marissa Is Lit
Leeor, you're are just amazing we are grateful for your efforts on creating your videos.
I started manifesting last year i was 13, and I'm basically growing and learning on this channel. It's crazy how many successful things i have manifested i am continuing to learn and manifest more and more desires!!!
Deepthi Sri Varikunta
1. Self awareness
2. To categorise these thoughts that are holding you back (identify the causes where these thoughts are coming from)
Deepthi Sri Varikunta
Maianda Griffith
I was using a yes or yes method yesterday for a surprise presentation so that we wouldn't present that day. A guy from our group that picked the number order was already complaining before -despite us telling him not to say that- that it was likely we would go that day. And what happened? We were number 1😑) BUT. I was saying 2x "we are going to present next class/thursday, yes or yes." And when the rest of our group is trying to gather info to present, our other group member is busy sitting and chatting with the teacher. Then the teacher got a call. Probably just when we would've started and then when he got off the phone, he said "class, we'll begin presentations next class, i have something to go and do, all groups will present next class. You can leave." And he got up and walked out. Istg i looked at my friend and said "thank God! Thank the universe, thank you!" I love the yes or yes method. 👏🍃
Frankie Taylor
Positivity is key
Abhinav Raizada
Love from India ..love your work..Here in my country we Hindus worship "Lord Ganesha" Which is a God with an Elephant head..and we worship him at the start of every special event as for working through it smoothly..and also to protect us from misfortunes..Lord Ganesha's stories are also very interesting..😊
Cambria Lenee
She is the best spiritual YouTuber. Literally been on this channel all day 💓✨
NataLee Rose
You are amazing ❤ love your channel 💫 my wake up phone song is ,,Love my life,, by Robbie Williams 👌
Ugly Marcus
Bigger and better things are coming in 2019 #Bestlifeever #Bestyearever
Flying Awesome
Good video...besides half boobs hanging out
Love Superior Subliminal
Check out my Subliminals. My newest one Law Of Attraction Accelerator is very powerful. I make my subliminals using a lot of information I have learnt about the law of attraction and cognitive therapy. I have started to add some of the messages in the description. My subliminals are designed to remove blockages and limiting beliefs. They really do work try for yourself ❤️
Ankit Taneja
Your voice is like nina dobrev
Jan Smit
Starts at 2:20
Stephan Cortani
Your videos are so positive
Stephan Cortani
Elephants are so cool
Brigitte Belle
So soooo happy to hear other people talking about this too!! ☺️ it brings my heart joy :)! Rock on girlie!
Love this! I’ve struggled with negativity my whole life. Just now working on completely changing!
Paulo Urrutia
Thank you leeor !
YouTube Video
Thank u so much for helping beautiful elephants ur such a nice person
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The Magic Of Changing Your Thinking! 3 EASY Steps to REPROGRAM YOUR 6 months ago   1:42:05

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