Top 10 Memorable Game Awards Moments 5 months ago   12:31

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Top 10 Memorable Game Awards Moments of All Time
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You know we gotta hand it to Geoff Keighley, in just a few short years he’s taken The Game Awards; from being the VGA’s weird stepchild, to the most respected award ceremony in the Video Game industry. Today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most memorable Game Awards moments of all time. We’ll be looking at the moments that shocked and surprised us, or stood out in our minds, for one reason or another.

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List Entries and Rank:
10) Kiefer Sutherland’s Off-The-Cuff Speech (2014)
9) Schick Hydrobot (2016)
8) Ken and Roberta Williams Win the Inaugural Industry Icon Award (2014)
7) Reggie Fils-Aime's Eulogy of Satoru Iwata (2015)
6) Game of the Year Orchestral Performance (2017)
5) Eiji Aonuma Wields the Master Sword (2017)
4) “Death Stranding”'s Insane Second Trailer (2017)
3, 2 & 1: ?

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Nicholas White
Erik Sivec
11:09 lol the guy in the audience Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Greedyface354 Greedyface3543
Shoulda waited a day for a different list
Elisa Leite
Aron Crown
How about "read it bow ee"
Xander Zone
No Mick Gordon's live perfomance?Not even as an honorable mention?Herecy is strong with you
Nolan Norths acceptance speech was really important I feel like too.
doo doo
love the orchestra
Simon S.
0:18 That's 2017!
Respected Ceremony? What??
Big boss*
Tube Trend
Did he said Solid Snake voice actor?
Jonathan Cleary
I used schick razors before seeing this video 🤷‍♂️ now I’ll shave twice as hard
The EA roast from Zachary Levi was golden.
DJ George zZeto
Who remembers the mass vandalizing of A Way Out's page on Wikipedia?

Greg Miller's speech. How is that not in this list?
Brad Passey
The opening one you showed about loot boxes wasn’t in 2015.. that was literally last year
Bruh you already fucked up. Sutherland didn't voice Solid snake, he voiced Boss. Play more games watchmojo
qadri rulzdood
Sonicfox speech should be number one.
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