Lil Pump - "Be Like Me" LIL PUMP FT LIL WAYNE - BE LIKE ME LYRICS 2 weeks ago   04:01

Lil pump
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Nguyễn Khôi
Có đốt sách không.
Oh god Fortnut dance
La Tika Murrill
Look, this fool came up here to rob me with aids.
Valen Boccardoo
*Españoles? Que Honda!*
Ты Хто?
Го в топ чтобы американцы думали что я что-то умное написал.

Dr. Bejk Mat
No one wants to be like you....
*Nobody wanna be like you*
Hopefully you overdose soon
Numb Face
Teacher: So kids, tell me something about ur life.
Lil pump: *Im a Milionaire but i dont know how to read*
Teacher: kk
Numb Face
95% Your 2019 is cursed...
3% Saying some other shit
2% saying something about the music or video
sifiso mahumane
wait what wait wait did Lil Wayne just dissed Lil Pump in his own song? "Lil nigga please you'll mini me"
Channel X
Владислав Широпятов
Hello you cool
Help me bro
4263 4472 8599 3124
Kxng Josh
1:16 what’s that’s dance called
Deepak Singh
nobody like you uuuuhhhhhhh
no body like youhhhh
hit dislike just 8 second before
no body like youhhh

my lyrics is not better than your ..if this is the competition of cringe songs
Dick Van Steijn
I sure don,t want 2b U
Dick Van Steijn
Codeïne sirup?
monkey 355
Lil plump
No thanks, id rather not be like you and i never wanted to pump.
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LIL PUMP FT LIL WAYNE - BE LIKE ME LYRICS Lil Pump - "Be Like Me" 2 weeks ago   05:09