Lil Pump - "Be Like Me" LIL PUMP FT LIL WAYNE - BE LIKE ME LYRICS 2 months ago   04:01

Lil pump
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Valerie Washington
I know your real name it is not lilpump. Fake tats
Kasygertu EN
I miss old lil pump
Gvtãng sc
Guys i dropped a new song called: New life/Enemies I don't like to promote myself but it's the only way anyways if you want give me a chance and listen to my new song. Appreciate it🙏😊🔥
Funny Bear
Where is PRR Lil Pump
Safari Frazier
i like it
Pastel Colors
If I wanted to be like lil pump, I would’ve dropped out kindergarten
Lukaš Karko
This is how many tymes he said OUU in hi whole career
Jackson Foster
Nobody wanna be like you lil pump
Pavlik Enemy
What's mean the smile on Your face
Eduardo Campos
"Tolete de bosta".... same a....."pedaço de merda"
Mr Yellow
First time saying this but...Lil Wayne carried this track lmao. What even is that ending, Pump couldn't come up with an outro? Just turn dat volume down gradually, that's what they did in the 90's.
sim_on Anarah
He doesn’t give a fuck about what you say about him
Mumble rap version of the real slim Shady
will the real slim shady please stand up****
Oakland Veretti
the Zoomer's "Real Slim Shady"
tony Montana
Your music is trash
soham stud
Let's be honest his songs r trash, boring n slow this ain't what I call rap
Дарья Оглы
Zach Ghost rider boi
If lil pump doesn’t know how to read 🤔So does that mean he can’t rap
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LIL PUMP FT LIL WAYNE - BE LIKE ME LYRICS Lil Pump - "Be Like Me" 2 months ago   05:09