Artists Recreate Non-Human Cartoon 10 Cartoon Secrets FINALLY Revealed 4 months ago   08:53

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Artists Re-imagine Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans, And The Results Are Absolutely Awesome!
What happens if we want to give our favorite non-human cartoon characters a human face?
We have found some of our most beloved cartoon buddies re-imagined as people.
Look what happens when talented artists turn your favorite disney non human character into gorgeous humans!

*Artists who's work are appearing in this video:
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baby mikasa
Tweedy's a girl
Tun Lin
mickey mouse OK
olaf le flibustier
1:38 wow ! i love this pony ! ^^ 3:17 omg !
Fuatino Lologo
pikachu is a boy
So boring
Princess Chedra
Road runner is a girl not a boy
Ali Yigit
3:22 This is some fucked up Adult Stuff.
irmão do shadmän
4:29 dante from dmc devil may cry
Renan Novaes
Spongebob wtff
Wtf i love wall-e and eve~~
Siphonic boot
Lmao it looked like jake the dog got skinned
Pikachu is a boy!!!
Prim's Randomness
Daffy Duck and bugs bunny are soooo hot ;-;
The LaggingGamer
4:31 looks like pagan min
Kk’s Universe
Dang got spongebob lookin like a whole fruitcake‼️💀👎🏽
Kk’s Universe
And simba‼️😍💀
Kk’s Universe
Ok because y did they make scar look hot😍‼️💀
Лиска Бандурске
SpongeBob looks like Ellen D.
Najmul Hasan
Is it me or Road Runner's humanization looks like Rolf from Ed Edd n Eddy?
I ain't gay but bugs bunny is 😍
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10 Cartoon Secrets FINALLY Revealed Artists Recreate Non-Human Cartoon 4 months ago   12:05

10 Things you always wondered about popular cartoon characters.

What do “The Loud House” parents look like? How much is “Dexter’s Laboratory”’s electricity bill? What does Ms. Sara Bellum, Eddy’s brother, “Cow and Chicken’s” parents, and Kenny from “South Park” look like? Here are ten cartoon secrets finally revealed!

Let’s start with a question most asked by the fans of “Spongebob Squarepants.” What’s the Krabby Patty’s secret formula? Over the years, many theories came about and even though we have seen how Spongebob makes Krabby Patties on the show, we’ve never seen the full recipe. The actual recipe claims to have been officially published, and you won’t believe these ingredients!

Kenny from “South Park” has revealed parts of his face several times, but we’ve never seen it full or heard him speak. If you’ve seen “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut,” you already know this, but the end of the movie finally shows what Kenny’s face looks like without a hoodie. And as a bonus point, we also hear him speak!

“The Loud House” parents are also the typical cartoon parents that never reveal the upper half of their bodies, just like the parents from “Cow and Chicken.” Both shows actually did make a face reveal! “The Loud House” happened in their Christmas special and “Cow and Chicken” was so unique you won’t even believe it!

What’s the biggest cartoon mystery you’re hoping to get solved? If you have questions about “The Loud House,” “South Park,” “Cow and Chicken,” “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Dexter’s Laboratory,” and other cartoons, make sure you watch our video on ten cartoon secrets finally revealed!

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