Here's why the NJ Statehouse Renovation Project Software for Home Design, Remodeling, 3 months ago   02:24

New Jersey 101.5
Thought $300 million was bad for NJ's Statehouse renovation project? Well it gets even worse. It could be in excess of $700 million dollars by the time it is all said and done. Why so much? Bill Spadea breaks down exactly why the costs are so high and the reasons will leave you shaking your head.

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Kimberly Barber
Wow forward >
Greg Christian
IT a disgrace to spend that money on the state house
Corinne Yaworski
Christie may join Trump now because he's looking to replace Comey with another crook like him.
Ed Wu
should use toll money to fix
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Software for Home Design, Remodeling, Here's why the NJ Statehouse Renovation Project 3 months ago   22:29

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