LeBron James Turns Into LeBron's 42 Points Leads Lakers 6 months ago   01:28

GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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Choubano Joseph
This lebron he s a beast
l3ebop *
Bruuuuh, these niggaaz be flopping! Like fish🐟🦈🐟
High Jerry
Bryan B
Scorers are a dime a dozen in the NBA today because there is no defense. Scoring 40 or 50 points in a game is not impressive at all anymore.
Y'all need to put Le End of game on these
Bryan B
These Lebron shows everyone he's the best or proves he's the GOAT videos are a joke. He's mainly doing this against now crappy teams and a quickly dwindling Western Conference. The East is the powerful one now and he saw that coming, that's why he went there. Always looking for the easier road. The true best player in the NBA (Kawhi) is in the East now which is why Lebron's tearing it up.
Raquel Gonzalez
He’ll never be the king in L.A that’s not his throne , the black mamba will forever be the king - Kobe Bryant
Marty Schwartz Here
King James returns to Cleveland in style, falling from the sky and posterising the entire cavs squad with a 1080 between the legs dunk that blows up the entire staples center and sends the entire population into a coma. (UNSEEN FOOTAGE)
LeAlien lmao
Mace Saincy
Traveling out this world lol
Miguel Sanchez
Why tf does everybody use LeBron's first two letters and add another word it sounds so fucking cringy
Lol 1-2 vs the spurs ohhhkay
capitan futuro
The Genie
Two games in a row Lakers are kuzing
Mista _Mask
0:43 God protect LeBron from landing on one foot lime that. Dont let it happen.🙏
Lmao I forgot kawhi don’t play for the spurs no more
jm panlaan
Demar's nightmare!
poni boi
"LeAlien". Fucking stupid
Joe H
Mvp!! Mvp!! 👑
Slime Peso
I tld mfs he was gon dominate the west too it ont matter the conference
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LeBron's 42 Points Leads Lakers LeBron James Turns Into 6 months ago   04:02

LeBron James scored 42 points to lead the Lakers past San Antonio for their 4th straight win.

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