Kitchen Nightmares US Season 6 Episode Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 6 months ago   43:35

Johannes Erdfeld

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Thats basically WW2. Nino is Italy and his siblings are Germany .-.
Reg Ner
That was one of the most uncommitted 'I'm ready to commit.' I've ever heard.
M. R. Adam James
Whoa...I symphathize with mike at first but he became and ass at relaunch there. Damn. Messed up siblings right there.
M. R. Adam James
I pity Gordon for enduring this shit. Anyone with half the brain could see that he is passionate about cooking and the business. He went out of his way helping people to help other businesses. But some people, just, smh.
Bitch Please
9:20 Gordon just try SO HARD not to laugh!!
Davide Conserva
"How you doing?"
Gum Bum
Digital Pilot
The restaurant closed down on 14th August 2016
Justin 4 Fun
Nino: I rate the food 100 from 100.
Gordin: You know what I would rate the food? 5 Points!
Nino: Well i'm doing my best! :D
Fire Emblem Parody
Elmer Divinagracia Sr.
Hello my names ninooo
Sebastian Huizinga
Sebastian Huizinga
Sebastian Huizinga
No one:
Me: *don't say it, don't say it* MY NAME IS NINOOOO
Juu Jika
Michael just seems to be on the verge to explode all along the episode that’s weird.
Juu Jika
Damn the sis is still good to bang...
Juu Jika
Ramsey : "you wouldn’t find gum under my tables"
Well actually twins Jim & Jeff from Capri found some in your restaurant... :/
S Williams
Nino: I clean, I dust and I have photos to prove it
Also nino: 33:40
Of course he would comment on how clean the new place is 😂
Shreddz MC
nino sadly passed away
29:01 Gordon goes Stealth mode
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Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode Kitchen Nightmares US Season 6 Episode 6 months ago   39:35

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