Kitchen Nightmares US Season 6 Episode Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 3 months ago   43:35

Johannes Erdfeld

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Kamote Boss
Mike is the kind of brother and friend you don't wanna have
Mediocre God
For those looking for the NINO! part its 9:20
Russell Moss
Nino is a dry drunk.
Long Vu
Nino is a example of the combination between Germany and Italia never work. Oh wait 🤔
Gugu Khan
fuck mike 😶
Genesis inprogress
That brother seems weird. Mentally
Callie LeClaire
I want a grandma like Inga
As soon as I saw Ignes I knew it was going to be a trip to the waterworks
Carl Jim
"This is not a family"
"Ok, chow di vedarchi!"
Finallyy found this ep omg so many Nino jokes finaaallyy ill understand them
Tineke Williams
Did you see the fat chick eating with her mouth open? Yuck!
Mr.nutshell Coronel
Nino watch they lieee
The Brown Recluse
Nino's dad apparently speaks Ebonics. " Jack in the box Owner Not Be named Nino Maaaaaan!"
Queen Isabelle
People: “We found a HAIR in our food!”
Nino: “Well YOU must’ve put it there!”
Man: “Not my hair, I have red, dude.”
I grew to really hate Mike at the end, Nino wanted to and did change but Mike was trying to pull that back.
Nigel Farage
9:20 you know the drill
Tabitha Freeman
I think Mike is used to his brother being a douche and it’s hard for him to let go of his bro’s past behavior and appreciate his new approach.
Tabitha Freeman
2:36 this dude is hilarious 🤣
Diana Li
Nino & Mike are literally children masquerading as middle-aged men...Carina was the only one that acted like a mature responsible adult and she is the youngest of the three...
Nino been living at home with his parents for 50 years. Taking pics of himself acting like he’s cleaning😂
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Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode Kitchen Nightmares US Season 6 Episode 3 months ago   39:35

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