Kitchen Nightmares US Season 6 Episode Kitchen Nightmares US S05E16 WS PDTV 3 months ago   43:35

Johannes Erdfeld

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Jannah Mae De La Cruz
i like gordon so much. yeah his mean. but he have a kind heart. gordon is mean. gordon is an asshole. yeah he is😂 gordon ramsay is mean. he just wants to stay safe the costumers who eats at their restaurant. 😂😪 gordon is mean at the first but in the end, he helps the owner or staff in the restaurant. he change the style of the restaurant, he cleaned up the restaurant, gordon is the best😭😂

me: gordon you my dude😂
daddy cool
little brother syndrome right there guys.
Natalie Cerna
“I tHink iT’s hAwT”
Rose Kyle
Nino looks like the result of Frank Barone (Peter Boyle of "Everybody Loves Raymond") and Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith of "That '70s Show") having a baby.
Mr Wilson
*15:17** out of all the numbers in the world he has to choose 54 😫😫 why couldn’t it be like fuccin 2 or 2739495 why’d it have to be 54!!?!?!?*
Leon Andrews
Nino 2020!
Ian Genuine
Some of this has to be staged
Sean Purce
Hold up im not sure but is the mom 74 or something cause would she be 14 when nino was born?
Christ 310
Candy and Violence
the man the myth the legend
I feel so fucking sorry for the mother. Fucking silver spoonfed kids.
Tracy Bryson
Mike was first born. Entitled, spoiled and 2nd to God. He doesn’t have to do anything. And now a failed business. Parents should have retired and let the kids fend for themselves.
Nick Bloodborne
you shouldn't act like that in front of your Mother.. where's the respect?
Eric Morreo
Nino obviously has some problems I wish nothing but the best for him and his family
Oliver Mulherin
I grew up the street from this restaurant, it’s now closed however I use to really like it when I was like 6 but my parents never wanted to go bc i guess it was nasty
11:19 had me dead😂
The remodel honestly looked like shit, just a different kind of shit compared to the original design. It looked like they ran out of time and didn't finish painting or anything.
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