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The video begins at JFK Airport with my Emirates A380 flight to Dubai.

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf.

My sightseeing begins at Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. Here I admire the view from observation decks on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors. Before leaving the tower I wait for the sun to set behind the Burj Al Arab Hotel and watch the lights come on in the city.

After descending from Burj Khalifa I admire the world famous Dubai Fountain at the base of the tower.

I enjoy a very scenic seaplane flight over the city.

Throughout the video there are views of this immaculate city from the top deck of an open-top, double-deck bus.

I cross the Dubai Creek on an historic abra and visit a souk in the area.

I visit the massive Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world by total area. I walk around beautiful Burj Khalifa Lake outside the mall.

At sunrise I float over the Arabian Desert in a hot air balloon.

My visit to Palm Jumeirah includes a stay at the spectacular Atlantis The Palm Resort.

I enjoy a scenic sunset cruise around the Dubai Marina on a wooden dhow.

I board the Splendour of the Seas for an exotic cruise around the Persian Gulf.

I have dinner at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa and enjoy the Dubai Fountain while dining on the restaurant's balcony.

I watch the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks around Burj Khalifa from my hotel room at the Sofitel Dubai Downtown.

I ride the Dubai Metro to the financial district along Sheikh Zayed Road.

The video ends at the Dubai International Airport where I board another Emirates A380 for my flight back to JFK.

0:00:14 Take off from JFK on Emirates A380
0:05:08 Landing in Dubai
0:10:13 The Address Hotel Downtown Dubai
0:12:24 Burj Khalifa (At The Top)
0:26:40 Dubai Fountain
0:33:52 Drive through Dubai
0:39:15 Dubai Seaplane Flight
0:57:46 Drive through Dubai
1:01:43 Dubai Creek (Abra Cruise)
1:08:55 Souk
1:09:42 Drive through Dubai
1:16:33 Dubai Mall
1:25:22 Burj Khalifa Lake (Sunset)
1:32:37 Dubai Fountain (Sunset)
1:37:04 Hot Air Balloon Trip in Arabian Desert
1:53:17 Drive through Dubai
2:00:18 Medinat Jumeirah
2:02:32 Palm Jumeirah
2:04:31 Atlantis The Palm
2:11:32 Dubai Marina (Dhow Cruise)
2:25:32 Atlantis The Palm (At Night)
2:30:33 Port Rashid (Splendour of the Seas)
2:42:33 Evening Drive through Dubai
2:45:26 Dinner at Armani Hotel (Dubai Fountain)
2:48:32 Evening Drive through Dubai
2:50:52 Sofitel Hotel Dubai Downtown
2:52:20 Address Hotel Fire
2:52:47 New Years Eve Fireworks at Burj Khalifa
2:56:13 Ride Dubai Metro
2:59:57 Sheikh Zayed Road (Financial District)
3:06:10 Dubai International Airport
3:09:20 Emirates A380 Flight back to JFK


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มี อา
Wow wow wow
Teresinha De Jesus
lindo! amei
دبي الإمارات العربية المتحدة
لقد جئت من دوله اﻹمارات العربية المتحدة من دبي
Robert Lazio
Dubai is not attracting place. Bunch of tall building and cars. Nothing else to see .
Such a beautiful place I shall live there one day.... thanks for the video it brings everything to life more.... and such great shots all around thanks a million or a Billion I should say... because to live there it will cost a bundle but im guessing it would be worth it... just wish I would have been one of the lucky ones who just were born into wealth... some of us have to work for everything we get and others get everything handed to them on a golden platter.... its just not fair... there is plenty of food wealth and everything on this planet but most of the really good things are only experienced by the wealthy or very lucky... some people work to get there but for most its a struggle
WOW i really enjoyed your video,thank you so much for sharing it,i felt i was there when i was watching it.NOW i cant wait to see all the rest of your holiday video`s. X
Valentina Russo
Thank you so much!!! Loved it!!!
Nicholas Welch
Awais Arshad
Rajakumari Rajakumari
jose young
22:02 eu ouvi um pum ?
2:23::30 sounds like an annoying black cunt
Wow I remember seeing all these projects being built years ago on TV. It's something else seeing them completed.
Is it me or is this place more active after dark?
Suhaima Pari
Very beautiful duai
Michelle Blanco
A lot of white cars there. . . I guess it's because lighter color cars attract less heat. Nice. Ty for the video, I hope to make this journey one day.
Srinivasan Pillai
Wow, it has grown by leaps and bounds last 2 decades!
Susan Oz
My goodness The city is so well designed and so clean > not much traffic > hardly any people in the streets > so quite.
You only see MALE, where are the FEMALE :) other than Tourist.. It got my attention.
Extreme Tuberholic
Awsome 👍✌️
Farah Maryam
great video made with a lot of effort. Enjoyed every bit of it. I want to visit Dubai before I die, i wish i could ever afford the cost to do so
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DUBAI MONORAIL Ride | DRIVERLESS Dubai 4 months ago   10:37

If you ever visit Dubai then don't forget to ride in the Dubai monorail from Gateway station to Atlantis Aquaventure station. This ride gives one of the best views of Palm Jumeirah island and Atlantis The Palm Hotel.

It is among the few things which you shouldn't miss in Dubai. Best thing Dubai Monorails are fully air-conditioned so it is also a very good way to beat the heat of Dubai and reach Palm Jumeirah.

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