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Planet Dolan
From alien theories to the rights of Egyptian women, we count 15 of the most surprising and myth-breaking facts about Ancient Egypt only discovered these last few decades.
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Fran Garner
#12 is still wrong....
Robert Robinson
Can't believe you are perpetuating that crap about the pyramids being tombs when there is absolutely no evidence to support it.
Lili Maestas
How about king tut
Calvin Barrett
If you weren't in ancient Egypt how would you know whether they had contact with aliens or not? That would be like me saying your mother never had sex with your father. If that's the case then how did you get here well I guess there's always Uncle Bob
James Ross
Invaders conquer the Delta and become Dynasties even though they only control 10% of the country and they later became 4 simultaneous dynasties (all in the Delta),Moving monuments to their own cities as though they could not make their own. I am speaking of the Libyans(c1000 to750 B.C.)
James Ross
I believe that non Egyptian drawings are used instead of real Egyptian art ,with dates,to white wash history.
maria diaz
And there was slaves where do you get your information
maria diaz
Almost if not all egyptians were black
maria diaz
Bull shit
Dumisani Shelembe
In closing, I don't care who says what, black is the blueprint of measure of greatness.
Dumisani Shelembe
No matter what the argument may be, what good will it do for black mankind to serve a white god¿
Dumisani Shelembe
Don't know why I keep trading on these vids
Moon Beam
"It was a society of equality everyone".....Except the slaves they actually did own...
Evangelos V.
African Americans of West African descend are as delusional as the Slavs who want to be Macedonians
Love Egypt from Greece, fuck the jealous idiots
Vito Anderson
Max Planck Association; Alias Keiser Wilhelm Association of Germany is possibly the most shameful science organizations in world history. Max Planck Association scientist, along with their allied professors at the Universities 
of Tubingen, Berlin and Munich created the deadly platform of Eugenics that was adopted by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime. This campaign of terror and murder started with Nazi Scientists Eugene Fischer and Ernst Rudin who were promoting their eugenic ideologies within the fields of Anthropology, Genetics, Psychology and Human Evolution. Eugenics and white supremacy became the center theme of the majority of Max Planck's disciplines of research
Many of past presidents and leading professors of the Max Planck Institutes and University of Tubingen, up into the 1980's have been tied to horrific crimes against humanity.  Max Planck Association fabricated data, ran unsubstantiated studies, manipulated statistical data in order to create illusions and general falsifications of reality commitment to White Supremacy ideology, Their race science and murderous Eugenics corrupted their moral compass and blinded their scientific perspectives to the point of never recovering.
zero and may
Hatshepsut was not Fat YOU ARE
Vito Anderson
Historical records reveal the truth, the actual historialgraph of kemet, gives a clear representation of who the egytains were, but it seems like more of the uneducated people stay away from it, and like to exert their opinions around emotional and imaginative history.
They were black. Its Africa and they were Africans who loved to wear braids! So fuck off with your bullshit are video. Racist prick.
Vito Anderson
@GORO911 i cant tell what u are lol
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10 Hottest Daughters of Billionaires 15 Myths & Facts About Ancient 1 day ago   10:04

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