CBS Reporter Wants a Wall After Trans Boy Claims 2nd Girls' State 4 months ago   04:19

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Why do we need a Wall? CBS Reporter Gets Redpilled on the Wall After Witnessing Illegals Crossing and Coyote Spotter Intimidating Him in Roma, TX
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Comments 1345 Comments

Mely Ibarra
Fuck you reporter get out off my fucking face you look like my granpa
Están pero que si bien pendejos alv
Maria Reyna
Man fuck y’all
So is a inside job. would they know their breaks?
Gameing GTA
Roma Tx.. my honetown lol you see this every single day here lol
Fortnite Gamer0
Im im ROAM
Chicken Nugget
Glad to see my city on the news
In 1994 the auto industry shipped a load of US jobs to Mexico. What do we get in return?
short sighteddog
Iam from the UK....BUT..aint CBS FOR these criminals?? OR are they starting to realise the >>>TRUTH??
Derek Post
@Costa Agnew: These weren't dreamers these were scouts for the cartels and other criminal elements that thrive along our border. It's likely there was someone else lying in wait with a weapon of any kind waiting to pounce on this reporter. As an American citizen, you get caught with a gun in Mexico you're screwed for a very long time, and even though it's illegal for Mexican nationals to own weapons, there's a surprising number of them in the hands of the bad guys, and with the Mexican police and the federalies on the take, those laws are not enforced by them at all. So, you can see the paradox that exists where this issue is concerned.
Stacey Martinez
Hey I'm from Roma and people are always crossing all the time and it is true they actually know which times they have a schedule. And not only do people cross but also hundreds of pounds of drugs. So whoever thinks that this doesn't happen well it does and *uck off because I actually live here. Roma needs to up their security on the border.
There is a process....use it or stay the hell out....stock that river with piranha
If you have the stomach to watch CBS "News," note the sponsors & write to them expressing your consternation that IMMIGRATION violations are largely unreported.....AND that you, as a consumer,
will avoid purchasing their products....UNTIL/UNLESS "the truth will out"!!!

Mention in your letter/e-mail that you fully understand that the gauzy phrase "immigration reform" legislation is only CODED language for "yet another amnesty"!!!
BOUNTIES! Bounties for the identification & capture of ILLEGAL entrants, their 'helpers,' and U.S. 'aides'! HARSH penalties for those employing ILLEGAL ALIENS including loss of business license, $10,000 per day per hirling, and imprisonment....!!!

TOTAL end to so-called "birthright citizenship" which results in ANCHOR well as TERMINATION of extended "preferences" for relatives of "resident" aliens....!
Ben Krom
Totally agree with you buddy ! Hope you keep your job at CBSn after this !
USA Rocks!
Kathie Connelly
Illegals cannot Legally Vote even if San Francisco passed a "Law" --- it's not legal!!! Any illegals Caught voting IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION & No chance of citizenship. No Court Date, No going 'home' for items. Just send them OUT OF US.
Kenneth D
Arm the US citizens.
Jose L plascencia
Jose L plascencia
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Trans Boy Claims 2nd Girls' State CBS Reporter Wants a Wall After 4 months ago   10:59

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn react to Texas State Girls' Wrestling Championship (2-26-18).

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