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In this episode I focus on the Arab Republic of Egypt! I have been to Egypt three times, so I enjoyed making this video.

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Chalo chale Sung Jyoti Verma
Very useful..
Ziyad Player TV
Now the population is over 100 million
Nice video!
What you need to be afraid of is ice cubes and that tap water, no joke!
Rana Gamal
its freaking 97million not 90!eavry video says egypts population i 90mill but its 97mill
Marshal Giggleman
This video clearly shows why the world needs to invest in water desalinization technology and infrastructure. Most of that land is just sitting empty. All it needs is a little fresh water.
steven gaming
I 'm egyption
Mariano Gomez 777
7:40 that's no camel, es un dromedario.
SuperAdmirerOf OmKalthoum
In Dahab, stay in Little Head Camp. It's affordable and good accommodation.
SuperAdmirerOf OmKalthoum
I love Egypt. Thank you for this video. I just don't like when you are warning everyone about scams in Egypt. I have been going back and forth there but I have never experienced any scams. For this reason, I thumb down you. The second time I went to Egypt, I lost my wallet with my green card in it. I was so happy when that Egyptian guy who found it did everything so I get back my wallet. He told me he knew how important to me all those documents in my wallet. Also, my money was in tact inside my wallet. Not a penny was lost. So please don't create a stigma that there are scams in Egypt. There are none. And with those pushy vendors, they have of be pushy because it's their only source of livelihood. Some tourists are not considerate enough to buy one or two piece of presents.
Nice and very informative video.Thanks Paul !
D Demecillo
my class uses ur chan for egyptian stuff,GREAT CHANNEL!!!!
I feel like Egypt should begin to build cities elsewhere. I am from Egypt and I feel like Cairo is way too cramped. Sure, the majority of the country is covered in the Sahara, but we have the Medditerean, the Red Sea, the other areas of the Nile River. It's not completely dried up everywhere else.
Ananda Carvalho
Your channels are my favourite channels on YouTube. Thanks for all your videos!!!
Adham Ismail
really great video .....U and ur both channels are great ^__^
iam really happy that u liked Egypt
weave snatched
Blu Tooth
Yeah most of the people in Egypt today are Arabians not Africans! Egypt is really black not Arabian you maggots just migrated there. Fucking Turks and middle eastern. Y'all want to be black so bad. Lol
Hi Paul,
Great job and please keep it up.
In 3:37 Egypt returned Sinai in 1973 after the 6th of October war or Youm Kipor war.

Yet Ade
Why is a country defined by the Nile & almost entirely in Africa part of the Middle East? This is nonsense. Egyptians are Africans that have clearly lost their identity due to cultural assimilation. Get your facts right if the aim is to educate.
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Cairo City Tour, Egypt Focus on Egypt! Country Profile 1 day ago   06:53

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Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة‎ al-Qāhira) is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab World.[1] Nicknamed "The City of a Thousand Minarets" for its preponderance of Islamic architecture, Cairo has long been a center of the region's political and cultural life. Even before Cairo was established in the tenth century, the land composing the present-day city was the site of national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo is also associated with Ancient Egypt due to its proximity to the Great Sphinx and the pyramids in nearby Giza.

Egyptians today often refer to Cairo as Maṣr (Arabic: مصر‎), the Egyptian Arabic pronunciation of the Arabic name for Egypt itself, emphasizing the city's continued role in Egyptian influence. Cairo has the oldest and largest film and music industries in the Arab World, as well as the world's second-oldest institution of higher learning, al-Azhar University. Many international media, businesses, and organizations have regional headquarters in the city, and the Arab League has been based in Cairo for most of its existence.

With a population of 6.8 million[2] spread over 214 square kilometers (83 sq mi), Cairo is by far the largest city in Egypt. With an additional ten million inhabitants just outside the city, Cairo resides at the center of the largest metropolitan area in Africa and the eleventh-largest urban area in the world.[1] Cairo, like many large cities in developing countries, suffers from high levels of pollution and traffic, but its metro currently the only on the African continent also ranks among the fifteen busiest in the world,[3] with over 700 million passenger rides annually.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum, is home to the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. It has 136,000 items on display, with many more hundreds of thousands in its basement storerooms

Khan el-Khalili is an ancient shopping area, nothing less, but some of the shops have also their own little factories or workshops.

The suq (which is the Arabic name for bazaar, or market) dates back to 1382, when Emir Djaharks el-Khalili built a big caravanserai (or khan) right here. A caravanserai was a sort of hotel for traders, and usually the focal point for economic activity for any surrounding area. This caravanserai is still there, you just ask for the narrow street of Sikka Khan el-Khalili and Badestan.

The part of Cairo that contains Coptic Cairo and Fostat, which contains the Coptic Museum, Babylon Fortress, Hanging Church, the Greek Church of St. George, many other Coptic churches, the Ben Ezra Synagogue and Amr ibn al-'As Mosque.

The Cairo Tower is a free-standing concrete TV tower in Cairo. It stands in the Zamalek district on Gezira Island in the Nile River, in the city centre. At 187 meters, it is 43 meters higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza, which stands some 15 km to the southwest.

Over the ages, and as far back as four thousand years, Egypt stood as the land where civilizations have always met.[citation needed] The Pharaohs together with the Greeks and the Romans have left their imprints here. Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula, led by Amr ibn al-A'as, introduced Islam into Egypt. Khedive Mohammad Ali, with his Albanian family roots, put Egypt on the road to modernity. If anything, the cultural mix in this country is natural, given its heritage. Egypt can be likened to an open museum with monuments of the different historical periods on display everywhere.

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