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Several Conservatives have taken issue with Labour’s pledge to be ‘extremely cautious’ before using the nuclear deterrent. What sort of 1970s nonsense is that? If you’re going to be extremely cautious about dissolving millions of civilians in an apocalyptic firestorm, you might as well bring back outside toilets.

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Plerp Plerp
This guy makes me laugh. Priceless. 🤣
Mino Kosmadakis
The 1970's were cool.
it was after the pill, but before AIDS.
Paul Wedlock Under Corbyn's  None Brexit Directive-UK will be a Vassal STATE!  The level of poverty will be beyond measure! Only the Greedy selfish Greg Clark's Of This World will benefit?  In lifeless money's ONLY!
Under Article 50s EU rules: the acting Government must see it through.
Just the Peer plebes! Who oppose Majority Votes to LEAVE!
pixel girl
Typical regressive left, always fighting against NHS badgers.
dan taylor
I do enjoy debating the nationalisation of railways in the UK with right wing idiots. I'll help them out. Currently you pay your ticket and Richard Branson takes that profit every year and hides it IRONICALLY in a place called the *Virgin Is.*
However in state ownership paradigm any profits made go back into supporting the railways or our NHS. It's a tricky one I know but hey that's why they're so brainy right?
Skye Evans
We no longer watch TV( we hated watching bbc and its all bias views) and do not even own a tv set any more... as its all about shit and none of the politicians who sits in the parliament gives a damn about us........Mark Steel your views are so genuine , factual, exact and you tell them so sincerely and for that we all THANK YOU........maybe there is still some hope for ordinary, hard working, tax paying people like us who still can not make ends meet and yet as you also point out that those bank managers, BHS 's owner who pays himself billions and no one goes after them ..................and yet if I owe £ 5 pounds , only FIVE pounds to the tax man............they chase me like pack of wolves.........we are honourable people who doesnt really care who makes how many millions but when inequality , injustice subsequently, a bias system is in force then yes WE DO CARE.........!!!! Like you and for that thank you...
Embittered Drunk
Duck a l'orange British 1970's style recipe: 1 chicken 1 carton of orange juice  1 heaped table spoon of gravy granules.Mix orange juice and gravy granules pour over chicken and cook in oven at gas mark 8 for 1 and a half hours.
Not many people realise that in the spring they go cub hunting
Bert Cooper
Killer last line!
Abdul Qaadir
This guy is PURE GOLD!
Abdul Qaadir
Gooooooooooo JEREMY CORBYN!!!
jim cazador
Good article, very satirical and funny and good points too, but Corbyn is a self styled Socialist, McDonnell is a self confessed Marxist a terrible ideology that has cost countless deaths. Corbyn says he is a Socialist, all well and good but where has it ever been applied that has given the people the most happiness, opportunity to progress, wealth and civic society? Its been a failure wherever its been applied. Whats the point of trying something over and over again with the same results?
Plerp Plerp
This just shows how selfish and stupid the British public is. And we call the Americans arrogant and thick? 😂
Paperwork Dan
Uh I think we need a Mark Steel exclusive political channel.
James Vatani
It's true Labours policy's is to take us back to the medevil times when time need to go forwards. The Tories is to tear us to shreds and tell us we are all fine.
amo 28872
Helsinki have their hope in a tony pulis side scoring their fucked
John Castle
This bloke must be in front of a blue screen ,one white man ,this can't be England .
Jase Boon
Tories should get rid of that FREE MILK AT SCHOOL TOO!!! If only there was a clever rhyme like, er I don't know maybe THATCHER THATCHER MILK SNATCHER!! WHY DONT PEOPLE FUCKING READ HISTORY!!
Michael Lubin
Bloody brilliant!
Tomas de Torquemada
As funny as getting your legs chopped off ...
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