Wales prepares for no-deal Brexit Sir Ivan Rogers: Where did Brexit 1 day ago   28:01

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The Welsh government today cleared its diary in the assembly for ministers to announce one by one what the impact would be of leaving the EU in 66 days without a deal.


Their view is clear - they can't be ready for no withdrawal agreement, no transition period and no agreements on trade. And the Labour First Minister went further than his leader in London, saying if there is no deal by next week he will back a second referendum. But the biggest intervention came in Brussels where for the first time the European Commission said a no-deal Brexit would lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.


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Denis Martin
that reporter is irritating
Ron Antonio
Check out my suggested proposal for TFS. I've written enough about it that the every one should be familiar with it by now.
Brexiteers: We don't want to be a vassal state of the EU!
Also Brexiteers: We don't want to lose Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales! They make good vassal anexations!
Why do you have to interview people within earshot of the 'stop brexit' guy - surely you have technology that can drown him out - or would you prefer to give him the airtime?
Ron Antonio
Some how I can't see Wales giving up Airbus with its thousands of potential lost jobs.
Terry M sure is one smart cookie. She is holding her own against all these male parliament egos.
Consequences From Your Actions
I love the media scare tactics 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Photo Finish
Corruption failure?
Photo Finish
fergal farrelly
The biggest issue with our democracies are we have uneducated voting. Alexander Hamilton and Socrates both said democracy only works when the people voting are educated and have a clear understanding of what they are voting for. Every voter should have to do a course or something.
Robert Farnell
That f ing guy that against brexit has no idea everything he says is negative, i predict after three to five years of leaving the EU, Britain will be far ahead of europe financially better off!
riptack heigberns
The Europeans are pretending to be cool but the entire ceremony reflected their fear. Britain would do well to leave without a deal if any deal available kept them in this farce.
All these people need to stop believing main stream media and all the cash cows who have some vested interest in the EU, scaremongering at it's finest. No medicine etc, do they really think these company's do not want to sell their products
John Halpin
They calling the farmers stupid? The same industry they claim to be worried about? Maybe the farmers know more about their own industry than these fools... maybe the farmers excepted the short term problems for long term solutions.
In the USA trucks are all metal . Why the tuck don't they make them like that in Europe ? It's so much more secure that way !
April 1st at time of writing , and no Brexit , AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAHA!
L Lou
Wow, look at this scaremongering by that useless journalist. He was a sycophant in the Michael Jackson & totally useless then. He is so biased & just after the bang for your buck, no care about professional behaviour.
Tommy Michalski
so irish meat gonna be expensive and the spice girls gonna make music again
Peter Hutchinson
what would things be like if we never joined European union in the first place
ITS NOT A CRASH OUT you people are working for a foreign Government you should be fired. UK tax payers pay your wage but you are not working for the UK voters. NO DEAL IS THE ONLY WAY OUT ANY DEAL GIVES EU CONTROL OVER THE UK THATS NOT LEAVING AT ALL EU STOP THE UK FROM HAVING OUR OWN INDUSTRY GROW A PAIR AND LEAVE, WE ARE A STRONG COUTRY
As an American, I would honestly rather have the UK problem than the United States problems. I'm not downplaying your issues, but the UK could simply choose to back down from Brexit all together.
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Sir Ivan Rogers: Where did Brexit Wales prepares for no-deal Brexit 1 day ago   1:09:12

The UCL European Institute hosted a showpiece public lecture by Sir Ivan Rogers: 'Where did Brexit come from and where is it going to take the UK?'

Tuesday 22 January 2019

The event was chaired by UCL President & Provost, Professor Michael Arthur. It was kindly supported by the UCL Global Engagement Office.

Sir Ivan Rogers (KCMG) is a former senior British civil servant who was the UK's Permanent Representative to the European Union from November 2013 to January 2017. Prior to holding this position, he served as Prime Minister’s adviser for Europe and Global Issues (2012-2013) to PM David Cameron and as Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (2003-2006) for PM Tony Blair. He is singularly well placed to comment on the causes and consequences of Brexit.

UCL European Institute