Moderating A Panel: 3 Tips Great Openings and Closings 2 days ago   01:47

Decker Communications
Being asked to moderate a panel is an honor—but no one will tell you it's easy! If you get selected to moderate an upcoming panel, here are three tips that will help you prepare.

Ben Decker has worked with hundreds of leaders at Fortune 500 companies, hot start-ups and leading non-profits. He is CEO of Decker Communications Inc. and co-author of 'Communicate To Influence: How To Inspire Your Audience To Action'.

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Josephina Joseph
Thank you so much>< i am going to be the moderator for tommorows debate am so nervous this is my first time:)
Good and useful information, but having the camera pull back every five seconds to show the speaker focusing on other cameras is more distracting than helpful.
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Great Openings and Closings Moderating A Panel: 3 Tips 2 days ago   07:59

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