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Enemies of the deep state must stay in the light for their own safety.

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Martin Luther
The Israeli Mossad did 911.

Q is covering that. Trump is a zionist puppet for antichrist Israel
Martin Luther
Israel owns your puppet president. Israel will usher in their false messiah, the antichrist.

Trump is an Israeli puppet.
Do the math.
fku gugle
Where's Q? Today was supposed to be the another con game played on the American public
S Eichorn
pray for revival! yes!
Shalom Girl
I'm on the west coast Oregon where is this March I would like to hear more about exactly how I can show up and make my voice known thank you God bless
D Lynn
Haven't seen anything new from anyone following Q in 3 days.. are you guys being shadow banned??? Or blocked??
Hulahoney 70
I wish Mueller would indict what came from discovering Dossier origination with Fusion GPS. Now blatantly obvious he wants to attack Trump and Family. This counsel is so corrupt. There is no evidence that Trump colkuded with Russia as stated by Mueller for the 100th time. Most Vetted POTUS EVER!
Luba P
Have any of you ever heard of Kim Clement?? He already passed away but between 2012 and 2015 he spoke about Q and letter A prophetically and about a new party rising to power .He has some amazing information it will blow people's minds. He was so spot on at predicting what is going on now. He said Donald Trump will be a president in 2007 and 2011, 2014 for 2016 elections and he also said he will win in 2020. Thats how i learned about Q is from him ..i just want to know if anyone else knew of him because he was such an extraordinary man .
Steven DeLaCueva
Do you people even understand what a sealed indictment actually is and how one works? Good lord. Just please don’t hurt anyone when none of your dumb fever dreams come to pass.
London .. not a surprise. Think Tavistock and Privy Council. The history is shocking and dangerous to US.
Anna Freed
What does Q mean with "staying in the light?" Too much code, not my thing.
Khecid’s Dragons
Do you have any Christian resources for those with DID? I’m hoping for your reply 🤗. I’ll keep asking.
Please keep up your GREAT WORK! While it is difficult to be patient...You are correct that holding the declassification of the FISA docs over the Dems heads is really smart. I believe you when you say "Trust the Plan"! You are head and shoulders above anyone else out there when it comes to the correct information regarding everyting going on. Thank you for your hard work! It is truly a sad statement that no news outlet can report the truth...and this goes for FOX as well. Other than Hannidy and Tucker..and maybe Ingram....its prettymuch unwatchable. Its just junk and petty bickering over irrelavant issues! Truly SAD!
David Askew
Are justinformedtalk and prayingmedic the same people?
Kate Shermon
Watching from England - love and prayers to all patriots wherever you are. x
Robbinbirdz Q
Thank you for your hard work and dedication, we are all so lifted and blessed to be a part of this. MUCH LOVE
Janis Hewes
When Trolls give you not argue with them..Tell them you will PRAY for them and it will make them is actually funny..#QnitedWeStand
Jennifer Gudmundson
Can someone please put into simple terms--- what role this Gaeta dude played? I am so confused. Never even heard the name until about a week ago. What was his role? His goal? His motive? And what is a legal attaché?? Excuse my ignorance but I thought an attaché was a business briefcase.
zelta eldridge
Prayers for our Father Yahweh’s perfect will to be Done please:
I go this Monday to St. Louis , Mo. to begin testing to see if they can put me on a Kidney Transplant waiting list.
I am praying for a miraculous healing of a new set of kidneys from Heaven before I have to go through all of that , but His perfect will be Done .
Please pray for a perfect kidney & also healing of everything else that needs healing & for the pain in my lower back to go .
Thank you for your prayers❣️
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Zelta Eldridge
Sam Smith
I am on the fence about the authenticity of Q. One thing I don't understand is how he could have been so wrong about Sessions?
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