Illegals Crossing Border in Roma Border Patrol Station, Texas, 1 day ago   01:30

Charlotte Siems
Border Crossing

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Rahul Rahul
let them cross and live there ,anyway nothing belongs to us even our body ,one day soul leaves without asking your body which you rear well,then there is no american,mexican,etc .how even a cultured[ means,who remember easwara or god) human could think abt troubling others
There's an imbalance of immigration law in the world. Like an American citizen such as me, I can just come and visit Mexico, Africa, Southeast Asia and some other countries without any visa. However, citizens from those countries I mentioned cannot come and stay in the US without a visa. To get a visa in the US you need to be criminally clear from their own country of origin, pay their enormous visa fee and schedule the interview which all in all can be tedious and long. But in most cases, people will always get denials even though they have tried several times already.
Jun Gleno
Start shooting as soon as they cross the Midway point in the river.
Jojo Castro
Hell yeah keep it crossing wet backs
Enrique Coronado
They cross to w it was mexico fucking illegals
giovanni sanchez
Ducking snitches bitches
sancho weslaco
Why would they do that you ask yourself why would these Mexicans be Crossing to the United States it's because there's a civil war going on ride across the border and no one cares you was governments more worried about Somalia I was among they bring over but they can't help us and we're right next door
hello charlotte
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Border Patrol Station, Texas, Illegals Crossing Border in Roma 1 day ago   02:19

Border Patrol Station, Texas, Cotulla, I-35 north (mm 29), LKW Kontrolle in Texas,